5 ideas for your Wedding Guestbook

Hey Brides! How’s your wedding planning? Still sane? I hope so! I almost lost my sanity on my own wedding journey thinking about so many things! And because there are too many things to think about, we often forget little things like… GUESTBOOKS. Now that I mentioned about it, do you plan to go traditional and just buy a White Guestbook with your guests’ names and addresses. Not that I want to give you more trouble but if you want to be more creative, here are some ideas you might want to consider. =) Enjoy!

wedding guestbook ideas

1.) Guestbook Tree. That’s my brother in red (left) and my dad in red too (right) and this is my very own Guestbook Tree! =) Got this idea from Glamour Weddings. Hubby had his friend draw that tree with our names below. Guests put their fingerprint and sign their names. =D

2.) Guestbook-Scrapbook. Just 2 weeks before my wedding, I attended another wedding and the DIY bride made a (20-page I think) Scrapbook highlighting their relationship. It was really gorgeous!

3.) Wedding Photobook. You can avail of this Photobook from your photographer. For some, it’s part of the package and for some, this might be an additional cost. I attended 3 weddings with Photobooks and they are nice =)

4.) Wedding Wishes in a Jar. You can get this jar at Kind Notes or (for DIY brides) simply buy a jar and decorate it. Get some nice papers and place them inside the jar after the guests have written their messages.

5.) Wedding Signature Frame. Ok.. If you want to go traditional because you don’t have time to get all these DIYs then you can find a perfect piece of your Engagement Photo and buy a Wedding Frame. (I had one on my 18th birthday and it still hangs on my wall!)

Are you adopting any of these? What do you like best? If you have other wedding guestbook ideas, feel free to share them to us!

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