Wedding Gifts – Tips on the giving of Wedding Gifts

A wedding is the perfect time to celebrate and to give a unique and memorable gift. A wedding is without exception the best and perhaps the biggest event in a couples life. There are a few other great gift occasions like a new baby but today we will talk about the wedding gift. Here are a few tips and ideas for gift giving pre wedding and on the wedding day.

Engagement party gifts

For some an engagement party is a great way to tell the family and friends of the great event about to come to the engaged couple. This can just be a party without gifts but for the most part friends know or the engagement and bring gifts to the party. The gifts are sometimes gag gifts but sometimes a friend will bring a very meaningful gift as well. If you keep the party very informal then will not be obligated to bring gifts. The more formal the party then most likely gifts will arrive. Remember that any gift you receive at the engagement party should be reciprocated with a nice Thank you note.

Wedding Gifts

Wedding Gifts can be brought to the wedding or sent out after receiving the invitation to the wedding. You may want to check and see if the couple has registered on a gift registry first. Many couples don’t so you can talk to the family and see what the couple could use as they just start out. Many new young couples need almost everything a new home could use. I personally would stay away from the flat grill as many couples get two or three of them. The point is talk to someone in the wedding party that knows what the couple could use and buy the wedding gift based on personality and love.

Wedding Shower

Over the years the wedding showers have start to become a bride and groom affair. This is where the bridal shower gift can be very small and casual or big and elaborate. As before it depends on the invitation sent out as to how formal it is. A great Shower party is one full of friends and family and a time to reflect over the couple’s lives before the big wedding day. Many wedding showers have a theme to them. Usually the friends put together a Hawaiian night or a night related to the couple’s personality. You can even at this point extent the theme to the food and entertainment.

Rehearsal Dinner

Just before the wedding Day the couple gets together with the bridesmaids and groomsmen for a rehearsal dinner. This is a perfect time to exchange gifts from the bride and groom to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. This is a Thank You gift and great care should be taken in the choosing of this gift. The gift should be from the heart and if possible personalised in some way this makes the gift more memorable to the bridal party for years to come. Sometimes the wedding party will give a gift to the bride and groom as a just starting out gift.

Wedding Day Favours and gifts

The day of the wedding is here and as at many weddings now days the bride and groom have prepare a small gift or wedding favour for all their guests. This small gift is optional and is only for showing your appreciation of your guest and your way of saying Thank You for coming to our wedding. You can give this small gift to each couple or to each guest this is totally up to you. Some wedding couples spend allot on this favour but many keep it affordable and within the budget. You can find many traditional wedding favours but this is a great time to try a new trend and go with a gift that is relative to your personalities and your guest will find memorable.

The point in gifts for the wedding is that every gift you choose for all the different parts of the wedding should be heartfelt and chosen with love. Only in selecting your gifts this way will your wedding event be truly memorable for you and your guest.

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