6 things not to do before wedding

You probably know what to do before D Day to relax and quietly complete the organization of your wedding. Do you also know what not to do? Here is the list of things to avoid mandatory to spend a wonderful day.
Les choses à ne pas faire avant son mariage

Do not touch your color

A few days before your wedding, it is not advisable to undertake to change their appearance.No need to change your hair color and take the risk of being disappointed with the result if the latter is not going to.

Do not cut your hair

Does not radically change the hairstyle. You might not like the result and sourtout, testing hairstyles you have done for your marriage would have been for nothing .. I need you to keep the same length as in these tests so that your hairdresser can reproduce the cup you have chosen together.

Avoid self-tanner

Certainly you want to look good for your wedding, but beware. Despite the fact that some institutions may offer a perfect result, it is never too careful! It would be a shame to wear a carrot complexion.

Do not try a new sport

That you continue to enjoy your usual physical activity is good but do not try new. If you are not a regular, you might get hurt and it would be unfortunate if you can not dance through the night the day of your wedding.

Do not undertake regime

Your dress was selected and adjusted according to your figure. If you change it a few days before D Day, you take the risk that your outfit you go more perfectly!

Avoid pedicures

A foot care might weaken due to abrasion. Indeed, they could make you suffer in your shoes the night of your wedding. What admit it, would be a pity! Clearly, it is better not to touch your appearance, unless you do these tests several weeks or months in advance!

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