How to Choose a Night Evening Dress?

The most important thing is that the evening dress you choose fits well, is comfortable and provide security throughout the evening. That is why it is very important to keep in mind until the minimum details to not have a bad time.

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Table of Contents

  • 1 evening dress according to the body
  • 2 evening dress according to skin
  • 3 evening dress and accessories
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Little or buxom .- Those girls who have buxom have to use V necklines and never wear fabrics with volume because further increase bust size. In contrast, women who have little bust should wear dresses with ruffles or dresses with fabrics that height, as well as embroidery. It is also very good to use corsettes.

The petite women have to wear a solid color and should avoid strapless. It is preferable to break, even if only one, and a good halter neckline. Instead, women can wear high prints and straight cut, not to look sleeker than they are already.

Regarding hips .- widths, you can disguise using a dress accordingly. For example, for the hips, you have to avoid body designs, embroidery or what might get attention. It is advisable to wear an empire cut dress that does not mark the area.

Waist and back waist .- For not recommend the use of belts and rather choose the corbett style to reduce the waist. For the back, you have to avoid the symmetrical necklines and fine straps.


Another aspect that you must take into account is the color of your skin, having three options:

Evening dress for dark skin .- They contrast with any color, beige or white can be used, for example, but what are the flashy look better dressed teles like red, fuchsia, orange, yellow and green.

Evening dress for intermediate skin .- You have to use colors that are neither too dark nor too light, such as your skin. For example, beige, pink, sky blue, gray.

Evening dress for clear skin .- It needs to create a major contrast, so you have to avoid using light colors.Rather opt for strong colors such as coral, violet, cherry and gold.


Once you’ve decided on the best evening dress for the party, the next thing is that you have the accessories in combination.

The footwear has to be high heel, because it is more feminine and elegant, and also makes you look better.Choose a cue that is comfortable, especially if you want to dance and not end up with sore feet. Choose gold or silver shoes, because they look great with any color of dress, the same as black. You can wear shoes of the same color as the clothes.

The wallet should be hand, like an envelope, small, to carry what is essential: the keys, the phone, the documents and some makeup. The wallet has to be the same color as the shoes. Finally, the rosos and necklace have to match the other accessories, and preferably with stones, for a more elegant detail.


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