7 DONT’s in your Wedding Planning

Most of the items you’ll see here were mistakes I have committed myself and some others were from the brides I know. Don’t be one of us! Read on.

1.)    Don’t throw away receipts.
Trust is a good thing, but receipts are important. A bride confided with me a couple of weeks ago about her sentiments with her caterer. She had paid a big amount already but still the manager keeps asking her for more. She has no way to prove that she had paid them already since she has no receipts to show.

2.)    Don’t pay without a receipt.
It doesn’t matter whether it’s just a piece of paper as long as the amount you paid, the date, your sign and the supplier’s sign are there. That’s still a proof that you paid.

3.)    Don’t decide without research.
The internet will give you tons and tons of ideas. Spend some time every day or every weekend for research. Believe me, it will save you from making mistakes.

4.)    Don’t decide on impulse esp in bazaars.
You will definitely get good deals at a bazaar but never go there unprepared. Like what I said, prepare yourself by researching first. When you get there, they will not give you time to think. It’s like now or never. And before you know it, you are already paying for something you actually don’t need or want.

5.)Don’t hire someone just because she is nice. Make sure she is able.
You don’t want a “nice” pilot. You want a “skilled” pilot. You get what I’m saying right?

6.)    Don’t get a supplier if you have not seen their previous work.
I made a mistake in hiring an amateur couturier. Well, she was “nice” but I wish I had trusted my impulse when I saw her previous gowns. They were mediocre. I just “trusted” that she can do better with mine. I was wrong. =( I had to hire another couturier to make another wedding gown for me.
(Try checking their Fanpage or website too.)

7.)Don’t get a supplier if you have not talked to any of their previous clients.
They could be skilled but they could be unprofessional too. Recommendations from your friends are always the best thing. They will tell you honestly if the supplier is worth hiring or not. Wedding planning is a journey. Maybe it’s too late and you have done some of the don’ts here already. Take heart and just enjoy your planning!

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