5 Good Reasons to Marry on Christmas Day

“Christmas is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it’s Christmas ”  – said Dale Evans , American writer who died in 2001 and known to the general public with The Queen of the West.

Yes, because nobody can resist Christmas and December is a magical month for everyone, everywhere. Can you think of another time of the year where harmony, gifts, gathered family and smiles are the ingredients can warm the coldest of seasons of love and joy?

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So if you plan to marry in winter not underestimate the month of December, on the contrary, there are many benefits. See ensembleles main forces a Christmas wedding!
  • 1. The atmosphere

As I mentioned, it is impossible to be sad because outside the city becomes a sweet madness with color and light, in the frenzy of a year that goes away and the new is about to knock on our door. Why not send those positive feelings in the culmination of a love? A new life in the new year, and with a wedding ring on his finger . The joy of a combined special event in the typical atmosphere of happiness of Christmas and the idea to gather your loved ones around you for the big day: can you imagine anything more exitant?

  • 2. All is full of love

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Christmas is one of the few times of year when families come together under the same roof.An excellent opportunity to share the day with family and friends from afar, those who live abroad and who, on other occasions could not attend your ceremony. And it is also the perfect time to surround yourself with your family and live a private ceremony in the company of people who really count. After all, Christmas is nothing (…) that a room in the house, that everyone carries in his heart , as Freya Stark said. To me, this phrase has never been more true and sincere about Christmas.
  • 3. Themed decorations

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It is never easy to organize a wedding theme that allows you to opt for decorations go with your dress, but also match all elements of marriage and menu around this theme. But Christmas, its typical and unique features, you will greatly improve things, allowing you to choose the most beautiful bright colors that may seem perhaps too bold at other times of the year .

  • 4. Red color in the spotlight

Vera Wang

Vera Wang

Normally red is not necessarily our first choice for our wedding dress, but the Christmas season is our ally and beautiful models that we propose for example Pronovias , or Vera Wang  And why not a wedding dress silver gold, green or champagne?




Monamour Sposa Couture

From left to right, dress color champagne Miledy Himico, silver and gold Armani Le Spose di Firenze

From left to right, dress color champagne Miledy Himico, silver and gold Armani Le Spose di Firenze
  • 5. Discounts for low season

Collage via Siamo Donne

The majority of weddings take place between May and September. Imagine overbooking and difficulties to find everything you want, at the best price. A winter wedding  hampers many couples, especially the weather, but be careful! Snow can be a drawback for travel, but is undeniably full of magic and charm, and especially considering that marriage outside the high season, you can enjoy the cheapest places and wedding suppliers , with some freedom in the choice of the date.

Do you like the idea? There are also couples who marry even during New Year’s Eve. If you try these ideas, you have 365 days to organize your wedding … I wish you good preparation and happy holidays!

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