Different country,different weddings

Weddings are naturally organized in all parts of the world and there are big events. Not in every country but held weddings as well as for us. Have you ever wondered how they celebrate such as Jewish or Chinese wedding?

Judaism Weddings

Judaism, it is customary for the bride and groom before the wedding week ever see that on more pleased. When they meet again, the bride has a veil that reveals the groom to make sure that it is really the one you chose. Jewish Wedding “ketubah” has well-defined rules, which are based on biblical law.The wedding can take place anywhere, newlyweds must stand under the wedding canopy “chupa”, which shows their future home. The canopy keeps the bars four singles and men under him waiting rabbi and cantor. Around the costs of all parties wedding guests. Kantor recites prayers and singing invites two married men to be brought under the canopy of the groom. In the same way, it is also called the bride, accompanied by her mother and husband. All three of the bridegroom bypass and then it is transferred to the bride.

Furthermore, threading bride groom wedding ring on the index finger of his right hand, because this pointing the finger to the letters of Torah Jews during the reading and thus consider this finger for finger wisdom. The bride, however, later put the ring on another finger, on which he wants to wear.Furthermore, the rabbi reads words for the bride groom religion. Subsequently Aramaic text reads nuptial agreements “ketuby”, the contents of which are obligations of the husband to feed, clothe and cherish his wife. Husband promises to marry at the time of marriage with another woman in a divorce is committed to a financial settlement. (Unlike Christianity, Judaism, marriage can cancel divorce.) Then the bride and groom drink wine from a common cup. Marriage is affirmed, the groom breaks a glass shards subdue.This tradition symbolizes the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. All attendees will yell: “Mazal tov!” Which means “good sign”, figuratively “good luck”.
After the ceremony the newlyweds went for the “cheder jichud” oddávacím room adjacent to the area where they spend themselves first moments of marriage. Other wedding guests in the meantime go to the wedding feast, which will come later both spouses. After the prayer at the conclusion of the said feast seven blessings’ Sheva Bracha. ” Wedding celebrations last for seven days and nights. It is customary that during dances to celebrate the newlyweds are picking up on chairs over the heads of others as king and queen.

Chinese Weddings:

According to ancient Chinese tradition of marriage is associated with the philosophy of balance, which is based on two basic rules (positive masculine yang and negative yin female). According to them, means joining the newlyweds harmony and balance, and is also a prerequisite of a new life.

China is generally known that there attaches great symbolic importance numbers. Also, the wedding date is very important to this nation. Very negative number is four, which symbolizes death. On the contrary, it is a positive one, which means happiness, progress and successful wealth accumulation.Thanks to the fact that for the right wedding date can wait a very long time, the marriage contract signed in advance. These are essentially a formal marriage. The engaged couple thus become official and spouses can live together. The bride, however, in this period to avoid pregnancy, it brings misfortune.
Weddings in China mainly arranging a wedding. Until the eve of the wedding day, the preparations involved family. Relatives carry home to parents of bride and groom candy, gifts and wedding cake made of rice flour.
In the wedding day, the bride should be prepared according to old habits three to seven sets of clothes.Some of them are Chinese “qipao”, which are red. The groom usually has traditionally yellow dress. Both newlyweds are wearing special headbands and ornaments.
As a sign of the arrival of the groom ignite firecrackers that have the bride and groom drive off all evil.Often at Chinese weddings are held also rich fireworks. The groom is greeted with the parents of the bride and make the donation, which are often money. Then leave the restaurant, where tea is served first.Although Prague is far from Beijing almost 7500 km, and here the bride feeds together. Place soup but have one big long noodles that they should guarantee a long happy relationship. Before the bride gets in the car, vyzuje your old shoes and put on your new one. This tradition symbolizes the entrance into a new life.

Hindu weddings:

Marriage in Hindu culture, does not constitute a signature and also not reported to authorities. The only evidence as photographs and witness confirmation.

Men in Hindu families have the final word. They do not care only about money matters such as, but also just about the weddings of their children. Even today, there is the fact that the bride and groom before the wedding sees only once or not at all. Nevertheless, the Hindu wedding joyful event accompanied by many customs and rituals and often costs the family all savings.
The bride wears a colorful “sari”, embroidered with gold and silver threads. The dress also complement bracelets and necklaces. It is important that the bride had a lot of decorations. It has thus had a positive tune gods and causing them to turn away from marriage disaster. The groom is dressed in a dark suit with a red tie, a red turban and carries a sword or a dagger.
In India plays a major role ritual fire. During his father forgives his daughter that leaves their house.Another pattern is tied with a piece of bride dress groom dresses – usually scarves, symbolizing their marriage closed. The celebrations last for three days and newlyweds when they sit on a raised platform that they could see each guest.

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