Ways to get to your dream wedding is the dress a lot. But how do you obtain your dream dress without having to bankrupt? For example, you can use the services of our tailor’s workshop Anna Linea and give you tailor your wedding dress directly to peace.

Did you know that the price of sewing wedding dresses can be tailored and less acceptable than the cost of renting to the current model year.? Furthermore, only the wedding dress will remain in memory, or you can sell …

If at least one of these questions you answer yes, then we are there for you 🙂

  • To have a wedding dress, which had still no bride?
  • You can never get your dream dress?
  • Are you fed tart dresses that are terribly difficult and can not move in them?
  • You do not have to dress your unique day after someone else?
  • You are on through hill salons and yet you can not choose the right dress?
  • Dress size and you do not have all the clothes you are big, small, short … you just do not fit no?
  • When you already have some clothes you choose, the salon will not allow them to adjust to your liking?
  • Car, respectively. purchase wedding dresses will be debited wedding budget so that you have poškrtať several other items?

And so one could go on for a long time 🙂

Dear brides, if you decide to use our services and give your wedding dress tailor, in the following paragraphs we have written down the steps that await us in making your dream dress 🙂

Get ready!

The fact that you have decided on a wedding dress tailor-made does not mean that you can not take a couple of girlfriends and go a couple of them a try. In addition, you spend a pleasant time, see how you fit the individual cuts. Also you can shoot those details that you liked to dress different, so you can apply to your dress.

Be spectacular!

How many things in life, the wedding dress is mainly about the details. Even if you just want a simple dress, you have to be spectacular. Scroll through a few bridal magazines and select the details that you would like to accentuate your dress.

Determine your budget

Most brides must be careful in keeping with established budgets for wedding dresses. Give seamstress know how much you imagine that dress should stand. She will help you identify materials you can count on. Whether you use the more expensive, more specialized materials, or simply focusing on the details.

Set aside enough time

Firstly, ask the seamstress or bridal gown befall you sew. Must reckon with the fact that it has more contracts you to know zmanažovať. Give yourself sufficient time reserve, ideally 6 months. Preparation and sewing a wedding dress takes a lot of time. Just spend a lot of time fine-tuning your ideas about dress, Parades appropriate substances and materials. Assume that you need to complete at least 2-4 tests. Plan your last test about two weeks before the wedding, do not let him just before the big day stress (for those two weeks, it has a lot 🙂 impassable.

Be flexible

Even though it’s your wedding dress, some details may not be able to be feasible. In this respect, trust seamstress, she has a good experience will tell you what you really fit, or if the match is good for dress use. Seamstress knows because the substances, materials and cuts so much more than you and can only advise on whether the substance is cut dress you want to implement.

Be prepared

The examinations always ready to go with the particular device you will also have the wedding. Dresses can look completely different on 2 different bras. Also, do not forget the shoes!

Be a realist

Sewing wedding dresses certainly takes more time than just select one at the rental desk. Therefore reckon with the fact that the seamstress will cooperate more intensively. It also envisages that if you change cut dress or some details, this may be reflected on the price of sewing. All changes are to be taken to carefully tailor, if at all feasible, material and how much extra time it takes.

Enjoy it!

Wedding dresses can you give to sew perhaps only once in a lifetime, so enjoy it properly! Even though they will it takes more time, respectively. more woes over the details, the result will be your dream dress. It’s still your big day, each lace, lining, or gathering, all those hours of testing will enhance your perfect dress.

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