5 Fun Activities for Your Wedding!

The day of wedding is one of the most important days of a couple’s life and they puts their best efforts to make it perfect so that the special day that brought them together for a lifetime becomes a good memory forever. There are many ways to fill your special days with unlimited fun, excitement and turn it to one of the happiest days of your life. Planning some selected activities and games can definitely be a right choice to entertain the guests present on your wedding celebration. The games and activities might be common but they have always been able to add new colors and spice up the ambience of a wedding party.

Let’s discuss about some common yet very effective activities to enjoy on your special day,
1. Musical Chair: Musical Chair is one of the most suitable games to be played in social gatherings. This game is fun and it can be easily played by any person of any age. The best part of this game is that it is popular among people. You can add more fun by announcing some prizes to the winners such as table centerpiece, a bouquet or a bottle of wine.

2. Photo Booth: Photo booth is a common yet sizzling activity which is perfect to spread fun and laughter on your wedding party. People like and enjoy making funny faces and poses in front of the camera. The most significant characteristic of this activity is that you can make arrangements to print copies of the photographs and gift it to your guests as your wedding favor.

3. Professional entertainer: You can also choose to hire professional entertainers for your special day. You can hire a dancer, a magician, a fortune teller or any artist and allow them to interact with your guest. Most of the professionals are skilled and trained to entertain people and hiring an entertainer will surely make an excitement among your guests.

4. Dance Competition: Dance is an activity that refreshes minds and makes everyone laugh. You should discover a funny dance form like chicken dance or zombie dance and ask your DJ to initiate it. Music has a magical effect that touches everyone’s minds. So, an activity related to music can never fail to entertain people. But you should thank your guests for filling your day with full on entertainment by offering gifts from the ceremony hall such as a flower, a bouquet or a candle etc.
5. Songs: You can also ask your guests to sing a popular romantic song or share some funny things he/she knows about you. Allow the guest to take his/her time while preparing for it. It will definitely create lots of fun on the party and people will remember your wedding for years.

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