Pick The Perfect Classic Summer Short Dress

Summer is the perfect time to embrace your feminine side and don a dress. But with so many styles, figuring out what to shop for and wear can get frustrating. To help you find the perfect fashionable frock this summer, we put together a simple dress-buying guide.
The importance of knowing how to choose the perfect dress for a party that is both radical expect, so it is necessary to recognize es-meres you some tips that can help you when buying those models of dresses that you so pleasing.

Using short dresses

Short dresses are basic items that every woman should have in her closet, these dresses have a touch super feminine and therefore help to create an elegant and sexy look. For short dresses you just have to take care is the length of the dress, your legs and not teach too much skin.

Now surely you wonder wear short dresses ?, Because then I leave some tips on how to wear short dresses in different ways:

dressed-cortos1Use them with boots

If you are a woman who has short legs and use long boots, because your legs will look smaller, so be very careful when buying boots.


Use them with slippers

This style takes away the elegance chic short dress form is appropriate for a casual event.

short dresses

Combine with booties

If you want to give you a totally different style short dress, you need to choose some nice boots with heels.

Put them on top blouse

The general style is used over a short dress a cute blouse that harmonizes well with the color of the dress. But blouse you choose must be transparent, thus creating a different and get sexy look.


Combine your short dresses with high heels

High heels are the best allies for short dresses and encourages them to almost all women.


Use your short dresses with sandals

Use short dresses with sandals is highly recommended for spring and summer season, it is a style that will make you look more comfortable and casual.

How to choose a party dress according to my body

Triangular-shaped body

Girls who have this body type are distinguished by having thinner and narrower than the area of ​​the hips are wider, shoulders and legs and buttocks, which are also very bulky.

  • Use light and fluid dresses. For triangular shaped body using light and fluid dresses party is recommended, but not have to be tight in the waist area, hide in that way get the width of your hips.
  • Use empire waist dresses. This type of dresses are the best allies for women who have triangular-shaped body. The draped chest area will make your shoulders look wider and loose part of the skirt will help you hide your curves.
  • Ponte dresses empire waist strapless. These beautiful dresses are also suitable for women who have triangular-shaped body.


Shaped body hourglass

This body type is characterized by the hips and shoulders about the same proportion, with well-defined curves and narrow waist. Have the body shape hourglass is really fortunate, because we can use any dress that we like.

  • Choose semi-tight dresses that mark the waist. With this type of dresses highlight the curves and achieve the figure visually. Bring adjusted models, with bare shoulders, patterned dresses, glitter, etc.

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