Most Popular Hairstyles for Long Hair

Having a long hair means to have endless styling possibilities. And not only. You can choose form several haircuts to find the one that suits you. It can be shaped according to the hair type so that the flaws will be hidden and the feminine features of the face will get emphasized. Here are the most popular ones, have a look and choose the one that’s best for you!

Layered Hairstyles

This hairstyle is the most popular long hairstyle at the moment. Layered hairstyles are the best if you like curls. It has a nice texture and it’s easy to fix because of the shape that already has the movement. It is the hairstyle that matches perfectly with side swept bangs, to straight or curly hair. The layered hairstyle provides an elegant look, by creating volume and matching any personality. Chopped layers or classic ones, the hairstyle is feminine and glamorous either way.

Asymmetrical Haircuts

The asymmetrical haircuts add edginess to the everyday look. It needs a high maintenance and a perfect hair colorist to get the best results. The asymmetrical cuts have to be kept extra straight to be just as came out of a saloon. But the big fuss it’s worth it. The edgy asymmetrical hairstyle grabs the attention and expresses a strong and wild personality. The styling options are endless, each haircut being so different by the one before that each of them are unique in any single way. It is the opportunity that the hairdresser can leave his imagination free and make something really radical. If you need a big change, want a fun but sophisticated look, get this haircut and you’ll get the best style you could wish for.

Retro Haircuts

The retro haircuts are back in style, even if that is with a little modern twist. How to get it? Simple. Just add some pin curls, and your hair is ready to get nostalgic. It can be left loose, or pinned up in a faux bob to get the most glamorous look. The good part is, that having a long hairstyle will help get any retro hairstyle you want to, while maintaining mostly the same haircut. Anyone can get a retro haircut, just figure out which one matches your facial features and personality.

Classic Straight Haircuts

The classic straight haircuts are simple, yet elegant hairstyles that are perfect for business women. It doesn’t need any commitment, but it is a high maintenance haircut. The classic hairstyles need regular straightening, and regular cuts to refresh it. Also, classic means natural. So even if you need to use styling products, make it look natural. And for the best of your hair, keep it loose.

The Shag Haircut

The shag haircut, is a choppy style that is recommended for busy women, because of its low maintenance character. These haircuts are mainly straight and very versatile, with layers and highlights or lowlights, to make it stand out. Styled in a funky look or simply worn as an everyday hairstyle, the shag haircut adds volume to your hair and most of the times features side swept bangs.

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