12 words never to say to a wedding

For a year that married prepare this great day, so stay polite and discreet, do your prettiest smile and avoid saying the following sentences … or you risk losing friends!

1. “And to think that there is still one year I went out with the bride …”

2. “Anyway, one in two marriages ends in divorce today … This is statistical”

3. “The father of the groom smelly mouth or I dreaming?”

4. “The cocktail was so long that I have absolutely hungry for dinner …”

5. “The marriage of Peter and Juliet was still really more fun!”

6. “His dress suits her at all, she’s all stubby, right?”

7. “It’s simple, she invited all her ex”

8. “We really do not look like the bride is 6 months pregnant!”

9. “I wonder if it’s really a good idea to have a hidden spring in the puppet cake …”

10. “It’s rare to see him like this with a beautiful ugly”

11. “It is there, the table of balls?”

12. “It was a really nice party. Except the food. It’s a shame, considering how much it cost …”

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