The most chic and flattering Eastern adornment

East has always been a source of inspiration for many designers and fashion houses. One year, the style of these distant countries has been present on the runways and jumped into the street. The delicacy and mystery of its culture, along with the elegance of the so-called geisha, ​​soaked shoes, bags, necklaces and other accessories that have become a must for this season.
The most chic and flattering Eastern ons

The styling

Apart from wear kimonos and dresses Oriental airs, among other items, supplements are also helpful to wear this styling. One of the keys are bags, having to choose those that are handheld and they are printed, giving presence to the lotus flower, which is one of the main symbols of this culture.

Also they can not miss the shoes in which several trends come together. On the one hand, one of the star models are minimalist sandals, carrying a flat platform and are preferably white or black color. The foot is secured only with a strip in the area of ​​the fingers and over the ankle.

The most chic and flattering Eastern ons
The other option is to incorporate some models also with floral embroidery, choosing in this case wide heel sandals or slippers few models to style.

Another top of this style are the details of rhinestones. Do not forget your culture, yet traditional, it has also become in recent years a very sophisticated touch. So bet on this type of ornaments in bags, earrings, necklaces, brooches, belts … and even in the tissues of the clothes you shine.

The fringes are another trend that can be incorporated with tassels hanging, for example, of a clutch. And do not forget a fan to keep the whole mystery as a true geisha.

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