Rosa Clara Soft: Collection 2016

Now we present the preview of the collection of wedding dresses Rosa Clara for this 2016 , some dresses with inspiration in the 30s and 40s, with very sensual and fluid falls. Today we will focus on the Rosa Clara Soft collection that includes dresses with lots of lace and rhinestones and bare shoulders.They are truly wonderful. In our section dedicated to clothes today we talk about girlfriends. What you have and teach all, not to be missed!
Soft Rosa Clara 2016

Silks, chiffons and laces

No doubt that the girls who choose wedding dresses 2016 collection Rosa Clara Soft bet on the delicacy and beauty. They are dressed very light, sheer, made ​​of silk tulle, lace and gauze. And what can I say of those spectacular back into the air …

Soft candle 2016

Romantic brides with certain vintage

Rosa Clara collection Soft 2016 is designed for very romantic brides. The dresses have a vintage feel with delicate and wonderful applications of rhinestones, with lines marking the feminine silhouette in a subtle way while sensual. Wedding dresses are invite you to dream and never go out of style, elegant and glamorous, with embroidered necklines, transparencies and beautiful falls. In addition to stand bare backs notched waists and very long queues in some models, and long sleeves that incorporate some of them you certainly and in my opinion, an extra elegance and personality. I love.

But enough talk and let’s see all the dresses in the collection of Rosa Clara 2016 Soft. In this gallery you’ll be able to wander among them and discover the lace, the rhinestones, tulle, silk and chiffon, including some feathers, starring these special designs. Could you choose just one?

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