The Swedish chain went into the field to show the trends that govern the fashion for kids. For the girls, romantic dresses with flowers and lace.Children go with poles and checked shirts.

What was a weekend for you when you were a child? For me it was a synonym for road and field, to visit the guys who lived near horses or go to the home of the mountain to enjoy the sun and good weather.

Too nostalgic this post?For all the fault of the atmosphere that H & M set for Spring 2012 collection for children. The light has surrounded the green of the grass to show the most cheerful and warm clothes in their closets.

The Swedish chain draws his line in nature, so many uses floral prints for girls, following the same trends apply to the fashion of the great. But it also revives the pictures on the short sleeve shirts, giving the kids looked so country as American cowboy.

Molado me the romantic tone of the dresses and tops for little girls, loaded with lace and skirts combined with those to be very free running. I think definitely this is the trend that more are doing this season.

For children, in addition to the plaid shirts, there are basic: the striped polo style or preppy with applications. And of course, chinos of which we discussed in a previous post.

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