How to Be a Great Wedding Guest

A wedding should always be well dressed and stylish.For a wedding that takes place on the day, you should dress simple style and if the wedding takes place in the evening, use a brighter look.

Mostly for a wedding that takes place on the day, should opt for floral designs for pastels or more fluid materials. But if the wedding takes place in the evening wear a black cocktail dress color or make it your favorite color. On the other hand, a short cocktail dress or long style, is perfect for a wedding held at night.

The ‘NO’ at a wedding

* Never a dress that is white or ivory color that can be chosen by the bride wear.

* No berry wedding a sexy too, for that avoid wearing short skirts, dresses greatly exaggerated necklines and dresses with many transparencies.

* If you are invited to a wedding that takes place on the day, do not use color and not black sequins.

* Do not make the mistake of wearing an elegant wedding party, white socks and white socks.

* During the religious ceremony, the guest should not wear bare shoulders, it is better to cover them with a scarf, jacket or shawl that is the same color as the dress.

* Not a good idea to go to a wedding dresses of cotton or wool, is better than choose Chiffon, silk or chiffon.

* Otherwise the wedding party is very formal, it may take a nice long gloves, but make sure that the dress does not have long sleeves. Gloves should take the time to greet, eat and drink.

* For a wedding that takes place at night should not be used pamela and hats are accessories that can be worn during the day and should not be removed until after the ceremony.

vestidos de fiesta moda 2014 elegancia y estilo  moda femenina


Secrets of style for women

* Believe it or not, a wedding can also go with pants, but as long as it is wide and well chiffon or satin embroidered trousers. This type of pants should be worn with a cute sandals thin strips and having stilettos.

* If the dress you will use is simple style, it should be combined with flashy accessories cute, and if the dress is shiny material, brightly colored or patterned leads, you better not combine with simple accessories and are classics.

* It is best for a woman who is invited to an informal wedding, is a cocktail dress that reaches the knees or you can use a cute skirt and a jacket (suit).

vestidos de fiesta moda 2014 elegancia y estilo  moda femenina

* To look more elegant look, we use simple props and always have to match the material and color of the dress.

* Otherwise the wedding is formal or label, I advise you to use a beautiful gown that reaches the ground.

* Ideal for a guest, whether for casual or formal wedding, add-on is a cute little handbag and has no handles.

vestidos de fiesta moda 2014 elegancia y estilo  moda femenina

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