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Sheltering your drink to excess is so unwise as little shelter it. Winter clothes for your little baby need to properly maintain body heat without having to burden him.

Newborns have colder than older babies, because the newborn’s skin does not retain enough heat and lose it very fast as it is produced. As the baby grows and gaining weight, approximately three months old, manages to keep the heat and consume energy to heat.

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Tips for choosing baby clothes

* Absolutely all the clothes you choose for your baby have to be super comfortable and practical. It is also very important that the clothes your baby easy and quick to remove, to change more to speed. This is essential for the winter season, as this temperature changes are avoided.

* It is not advisable to choose very tight clothes, because they prevent the baby to move freely. It is best to choose romper suits and pants with elastic waist, or even to be open between the legs, thus changing the diaper will be easier and faster.

* Neither are very favorable garments containing too many buttons and seams. Rather, I suggest you choose shirts and bodysuits with cleavage to American, because they are the most comfortable clothes, because they have large openings, which cause them to turn and take off easily.

* Always try all the clothes that you buy for your baby are natural fibers, because they are more pleasant to the touch, much better absorb moisture from the skin and especially the longer breathe comfortably.

How to tell if you are well protected

So you know that your baby is warm enough, I recommend you consider the following tips:

When you feel hot or cold, it is very likely that your little baby is feeling the same feeling.

If you want to know if your baby is hot, but I advise you to play with his hand the attendant or cuellito, as these areas are more reliable than the feet or hands.

When your baby fails to maintain body heat, showing signs of restlessness, your breathing becomes lighter and many times crying.

prendas para invierno moda invierno cuidar a los bebés  moda femenina

Important Tips:

Socks and shoes: a newborn baby has to dress from head to toe, because at this age is very cold. In many of the stores selling baby clothes can find lots of socks and shoes. Socks and shoes is something only decorative for small, because in this age still can not walk. All you have to do is choose socks and shoes keep the feet of his well warm baby.Footwear should be the exact size, do not have to give neither too large nor too small.

Caps or hats: If your baby is born in the summer, I tried to not give much sun as you leave the street use umbrellas, and always protect your head with a hat. However if your baby is born in the winter time, but I recommend you use caps that are soft and well abrigaditos. These caps should not bite and they have to properly cover the ears, so that you protect your ears.

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