Fashion Tips For Skinny Girls

Every woman should know your body and be aware that you will favor better, so take advantage and look radiant on her wedding day. Well, then I leave a list of tips for choosing dress for a slim bride:

* The easiest way to increase the hips and bust, is using a beautiful wedding dress draping.

* The beautiful dresses bride with folds are also recommended, because they kill too many straight lines and provide your body movement.

* Also perfect frilly dresses because they are designs that actually conceal thinness and look very pretty.

* To make your waist look nice, be frowning or you simply take the cute hip gathers.

* If you want to increase the size of their hips, advise you to use a dress that has details of embroidery, stones or flowers in the hip.

* To make your body look a little wider and chubby, you must choose a beautiful dress that has horizontal stripes.

* Thin and fine fabrics have a long flight and can be used to overlay. The wedding dresses are ideal balloon model for skinny girlfriends. Also choose dresses with long skirts.

vestidos de novia tendencia 2014 novias delgaditas  vestidos de moda Some important details If you want to create some volume in your body, you are advised to note the following important details.:

  • If you like to use on your wedding day a beautiful blanket or a beautiful veil, I suggest that is short and wide.
  • Regarding the use collected bridal hairstyle, ribbons or bows, both are perfect for skinny girlfriends.
  • Do not wear a V-neck nor a deep neckline, better opt for round or square necklines.
  • It is also important recommend that you use with wide sleeves dresses and dresses with straps.

vestidos de novia tendencia 2014 novias delgaditas  vestidos de moda

Dresses for thinner

The dresses have to support your body and highlight your best attributes, so that your display look properly balanced. All dresses are not favorable for a woman, some models can be our worst enemies. If you’re skinny always opt for dresses with draped, pleated dresses or dresses with ruffles. What matters is that the dresses will help you give a little more volume to your body.

-Wedding Dresses with ruffles or draping. Absolutely all wedding dresses with ruffles or draping, are not appropriate for brides who have few other extra pounds, but if you’re skinny can afford to use them.

vestidos de novia tendencia 2014 novias delgaditas  vestidos de moda

-Dressed, long tube and glued. This type of dress is not favorable for skinny girlfriends, because it is a model that demediado stylized figure. So if you want to achieve movement and body, should stay away from vertical lines.

-To Find the perfect wedding dress, I suggest you look at the catalogs of the most innovative and modern bridal models. If you are an urban, modern bride, you can opt for jackets and trousers.

vestidos de novia tendencia 2014 novias delgaditas  vestidos de moda

Important advice about wedding dress .

Being thin does not mean that everything is us, it is true that you can get clothes that other women can not, but there are also items that should set aside. The thin women can opt for horizontal cuts, ruffles, drapes, pleats and ruffles.

The languid dresses are not appropriate for skinny girlfriends, because models are thin and will not be any good in a slim body, rather opt for dresses with A line that help level your figure.

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