Dresses for brides with wide hips

If your body is narrow above and wide below, do not worry. Because in this post I’ll show how to choose the perfect wedding dress and so I look very beautiful.So, pay attention and take note of the advice.

Women with pear body have the following features: wide hips, narrow shoulders and small bust.

Weakness: Especially the rib area is designational regarding hips. The back and legs are bigger too.

Use: The women who have pear body should wear wedding dresses with embellishments, and draped with lace on the top. This type of dresses are great to highlight the torso and neck, achieving divert attention from wide hips. A good idea to cover the hips and emphasize the bust, is using dresses empire waist dresses or princess cut.

Tip: It is advised to all women who have pear body, do not use either the flared skirts and boleros, because they are further highlighting prebendary wide hips.

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Other points to consider

Height. Wedding dresses should always be chosen according to the stature of the bride.

* The Brides of short stature. All brides who are petite or short, should move away from ornate bride dresses. Nor is it a good idea to wear long tail, it better be short.

* Brides tall. High or tall brides are very lucky because they can wear any wedding dress they want. But if you are tall and plump, it is best to use a wedding dress that is simple.

Torso. Every bride’s torso also dictate choosing the right dress, so you know your body well.

* Bride of Short Torso: To visually lengthen your figure, wear a dress skirt begins below the waist and is in peak shape.

* Bride Long torso: For this type of torso can use any model of dresses, which are mainly dresses with high and fitted waist.

Back. Normally all brides have the same back, so it is very advisable to choose the dress that suits your body type.

* If you are a great girlfriend back: Brides who have this type of back, you have to try to cover it. Nor give him a lot of volume with drapery and ornaments.

* If you are a close girlfriend back: The corsets are perfect for brides narrow back. In a narrow back also look great dresses that have bulky sleeves.

vestidos de novia modelos actuales elegantes vestidos  moda femenina Other important tips:

Type Empire. Empire waist dresses are highly appreciated by the current girlfriends . These are dresses that have a high waist, just below the bust and graceful skirt falls as well just below the bust. Empire waist dresses look great on women with body type apple, pear type, type of sand clock and inverted triangle type. Mostly empire waist dresses are recommended for thin women who have a small bust and also for pregnant brides.

vestidos de novia modelos actuales elegantes vestidos  moda femenina

Lane A type. Dresses A line is fit very well in any body style. Such dresses have skirts that fall at notched forms of A and are slightly notched at the waist. Brides who have wide hips should opt for A-line dresses, because they help hide small defections your body.

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