Bridesmaids Wardrobe Rules

All bridesmaids should dress alike. Not a good idea to use your own each bridesmaid dress, best dresses is equal or very similar, thus the bridesmaids will wear a certain harmony and uniformity.

To choose the color and shape of the dress is very important to consider the age and the physical constitution of the bridesmaids, taking into account the above, we can choose the dress that fits over them.

Rule 1.’s Also essential to remember that the bridesmaids do not have to use a similar to that of the bride dress. Under no circumstances, should overshadow the ladies wearing the dress the bride, so it is better to opt for another type of costume, so do not take that role to the bride.

Rule 2. All bridesmaids should dress according to their age they are.Mostly bridesmaids are family or friends who are the same age as the bride. So if you’re a young no majority view you as a lady or if you’re a lady majority not dress like a teenager. Any clothing or dress that used must be appropriate for their age.

The dress colors bridesmaids. Dresses color they should wear bridesmaids, must be chosen by the bride absolutely, otherwise the bride does not have time, bridesmaids should choose the color . Remember, the color of the dresses should combine harmoniously with the wedding decorations and should also be consistent with the time in which the wedding party is made.

* Colours of day. For a wedding that takes place in the day, the bridesmaids should use a dress that is light colored or pastel type also. So for a wedding day light colors and pastels type is recommended, such as salmon, lime green, yellow, pale pink, lilac, turquoise, blue, or blue and orange tones.

* Colors of night. For the ladies that are going to a wedding that takes place at night, have to wear dresses that are not brightly colored. You better be soft colors: coffee, cherry red, purple, olive green, royal blue, navy and some kind of silver or gold.

Fabric dress bridesmaids

Fabrics for wedding day. . Fabrics should be chosen according to the time and season in which the wedding takes place The most recommended fabric for a wedding day are:

  • Chiffon Dresses (silk fabric or yarn very clear and thin)
  • Silk Dresses
  • Dresses Muslin (cotton, silk and fine little dense)
  • Georgette Dresses (thin, transparent silk fabric)
  • Organza Dresses (fine white cloth and transparent cotton)
  • Lino Dresses
  • Pongee dresses (silk taffeta or silk fabric thin and thick)
  • Dresses Piqué (cotton fabric of various types of work)
  • Dresses Falla (rayon fabric with thick and rough texture frame).

Fabrics for wedding night. For weddings that take place at night, we recommend the following fabrics:

  • Chiffon
  • Tulle
  • Silk gloss
  • Crepe
  • Organza
  • Satin
  • Satin
  • Taffeta
  • Velvet
  • Charmeau

Bridesmaids Shoes. Bridesmaids have to wear shoes or flat heeled half.It is not advised to wear high heels.

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