Converse shoes original models for engaged couples

Converse, the popular footwear and clothing company that has great success in the world for its All Star model is not only useful to carry on informal events and casual outings. In some cases, may be complicit in events such as marriage.

It is not alone or crazy no idea that occurred to a couple and was never seen again. Using this type of sneakers with simple pins seems to have become quite a trend that everyone starts to imitate.

Talk to your wedding?

It’s simple, the possibilities offered by this model are so varied that it is more likely to think of using them during the wedding. If you are a girlfriend who does not like heels or want to exchange a couple after the ceremony, a Talk of the same color of your bouquet will be perfect.

Another good option that is sure women will love to customize their shoes is creative with the designs that they like. Some, for example, prefer to put application of gloss to give a magical touch to the taken, while other brides take the opportunity to show some art in painting or sewing.

In some cities are becoming more common the concept of customizing garments have emerged artists of all kinds, which not very expensive rates can help your favorite pair of shoes really hope it looks like.

Personally, I confess that Converse is my “love mark” I like the logo, I identify with the signature style; Converse use very often and always I have on my desk some signature to what I take photos. This fever that could be called “Conversation” (photos at Converse) has come down to wedding photography.

Discuss: wedding photography

Many of the wedding photo sessions focus their concept in the game and evocative innocence behind these designs. Favorite scenarios for this kind of photography are usually parks and public squares, steps or in the middle of the city.

Is not it great the idea of ​​breaking the mold and surprise everyone with slippers instead of shoes? That yes, I think it’s best to be a couple new and clean (this gives you more visibility and shine shoes), but as we know, the tradition also says that it takes some old to the altar. Question of choice!

Surely you have some idea of shoes that you would like to use for your wedding day, share with us how and why they chose it. Luck!

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