Civil or religious marriage: tips for organizing the ceremony

The wedding ceremony, civil or religious, is one of the most moving moments of marriage.The finest and most intimate kind, one that your guests will remember most. For everything to be perfect, nothing like that to follow these tips and tricks.


Civil or religious marriage: every detail is important – Photo: Torsten Hufsky

◊ Customize up to your ceremony: Leave nothing to chance and make sure that the officiant you know! References to married, winks on your respective characters or any other things, are always greatly appreciated by those in attendance.

◊ Give the matter to the priest for his homily: In preparation for the sacrament of marriage, do not hesitate to reveal to him and tell your story! Nothing like a religious ceremony where the priest seems to know the bride and groom. Then, customize your wedding mass with music adapted , with a gospel choir, etc..

For civil marriage, it’s harder to really personalize the ceremony but you know if elected, what will inevitably be less expeditious! On the lookout for tips for doing your civil wedding ?

◊ Do not overlook the floral decoration of the church and be sure to reserve the front rows for immediate family, for children and witnesses of honor.

◊ T he Civil ceremonies are as beautiful as the religious ceremonies, if the bride and groom are not believers, or they are unwilling to receive the sacrament of marriage, then we opt for civil marriage . And rest assured, it will be just as well!

◊ The secular ceremony might be a good alternative. Involve your family and friends, put on some music, read texts …

◊ We put on music: be it a civil or religious marriage, the music must have a key role. The organ, guitar or saxophone bring magic and solemnity to the event.

Finally, make the most of this day, YOUR day! Smile and be happy!

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