Dresses by Giambattista Valli autumn-winter 2012/2013

Continuing with our review of couture fashion, today it is the turn of the incredible collection by Giambattista Valli, who has every chance to become the preferred styling celebrities when parading down the red carpet.

A collection inspired by nature where you can not miss all the charm and beauty of floral prints and earthy colors, but also the lush green forests. In short, a magical catalog that captures the essence and power of Mother Nature to make the lucky owners of these dresses, authentic wood nymphs.

Very autumnal reds, wearing full skirts with ruffles and volume are much more striking proposals of Giam battista Valli. Amazing dresses that will leave you speechless, and have been presented during the Paris Fashion Week with a staging in harmony with the beauty of this magnificent haute couture garments.

A collection in which they can not miss so natural ornamental details such as butterflies, wild flowers seem to sprout from Giam battista Valli’s dresses and prints more natural with autumn leaves.

Do not know about you, but with such a variety of designs is difficult to choose a single dress. I like them all! But if you could choose one of them to parade on the red carpet at a special event in true style diva of Hollywood, how Which would you choose?

Here we leave the gallery of the parade in Paris. A nature inspired fashion trend that will be next season, so do not forget this style because I see a lot.

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