Border Nails: New for our nails!

Do you love painting your nails, but you are bored with traditional designs ? Quiet, new trends and creativity have brought us a new option to use all season.

Look at the photos above and tell me if there are lovely … It is the border nails, a new trend in manicure and nail beauty that is here to captivate you. And what is it? Is to give a color to the shape of the nails to mark them or play with the contrasts of tones to be formed with, or colors that go in the rest of its surface. Besides being extremely versatile and perfect for any occasion, are very simple to do. Let’s see the different options on this new fashion!

Ringtones border our nails

  • Cakes in border nails
One option that has become very popular are the pastel colors that come with a dark edge to contrast. They are super-statehood settlement and give strength to the design of our hands.In the picture below you can see how the control in black makes a happy contrast to the light color of the background.
  • Vivid colors in our border nails
Moreover, the intense colors are also present in this style. Look how beautiful is the opposite tones as nude! Or you can make your own combinations of strong colors to pastel colored block or block, it’s all imagine. Combinations are there for everyone. I love how the pink nail contour of the picture below, it fits perfectly with the nude, which, if left alone, he might have lost in those hands.

Border designs for our nails

  • Border patterns for nails
But the lines are not the only ways of getting round the nails, you can make them with different designs such as polka dots that give another texture to our manicure. This is to add small details that make a difference and complement perfectly with this original design. The nude in the picture below, looks great with these custom applications in black. And not to mention the next photo, I love the detail of the bows!
  • Border nails and trademarks
Another example is to use symbols to complement the designs known as Channel. And I can not name this combination, it is perfect for any special event: gold and black. They have always been a classic that sets us apart.
In the pictures below, you can see other designs more creative and prepared to take the concept of border in other areas of the surface of the nails. I love how the natural highlights of this design will be a sensation for summer 2013.

Applications for our border nails

Finally, applications could not miss. These will help us to give more variety to our border nails , for example, the pebbles are details that will make a work of art in our hands. Usually these types are used on the ring finger and in other border will use the nail in his classic designs.

Shines are another good option to complement this design, since the entire assembly is shown as an accessory that we carry with us. A kind of gem that is quick and simple to do for any time.

I leave you with a video where you can learn to bring this new trend in nails. I have seen and see that it is not complicated. With a little technique and the right materials, patience and determination, you will be royal:

In short, this design has the effect of the frame of the photograph or painting that is preferred, is a way to highlight our hands and give a feminine touch and creative, the most practical and creative. So get to work and point us to this new trend!
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