Wedding dress necklines: Select it as your body type

In one of the most important days of your life, the wedding dress plays a major role. Everyone wants to look like princesses on their wedding and now you can find a variety of clothing to do so.The neckline is a key aspect of each dress and choosing the ideal depends on many factors.Then do not miss the best advice for choosing the perfect neckline as your body type.

Sweetheart neckline

The dresses with this type of neckline give it a very feminine and sensual, as it forms a very marked in the heart bust line, leaving your shoulders bare and enhance your bust.

If you are short oo of rounded shape, you should avoid this neckline as it is designed for brides with long neck. It is considered one of the most romantic necklines, ideal for thin women, slender and thin shoulders.

Halter Neckline

A halter-neck dress is sleeveless and held down the neck. In this way it exposes the back,shoulders and arms.

If you’re looking to hide a bust too big, this cleavage is the preferred one. In addition, managed to set a bold silhouette and emphasize your curves. Remember that both the skin of the back and arms should be well maintained.

Boat neckline

This type of neckline is characterized by a straight line from shoulder to shoulder, back and front of dress. The boat-neck dresses are minimalist, elegant and will make your figure look balanced.

The discrete cutting benefits the plump girlfriends or prominent bust, so jump on a wedding dress with boat neckline if you want to hide certain details that do not benefit you …

Sloping shoulders neckline

This sensual court consists of dropping the shoulders and discover the back and neck. The shoulders are attached with elastic straps. Usually, this cleavage prevents the arms move freely, so make sure it’s not too uncomfortable.

If you have a short neck, low bust or hips, do not hesitate to use it, because dissimulate the volumes in these areas of your body.

V-neck or V neck

Usually, this neckline is perfect for brides who want disguise plump prominent bust. Its advantages are that blends well with all cuts and styling aid to any part of your body as it makes it look thinner a wide neck and short.

While it is a simple neckline, with a good drop able to make your dress look more dazzling. You can add a few details of rhinestones or drapes to give a more personalized touch and elegant.

Illusion neckline (collar)

Also called a swan neck, this type of neckline will make you feel like a princess thanks to the transparent mesh that covers the neck. It is recommended for women with tall, thin neck, narrow shoulders and face grinding.

Dresses can be worn with or without sleeves, usually straight cut. It is now very fashionable as it is modern and unobtrusive, especially for winter days. If you’re using, do not forget to tie your hair.

Strapless neckline

If you want to look your fine shoulders and thin arms, a strapless dress is the best option. It is very popular as it adapts to all kinds of dress: The neckline can be in V, heart-shaped or round. In addition, you can wear in any season.

If it’s summer, you will perfect because you feel cooler (remember to bring that huge dress fabric so it can make you sweat a lot …) and if it is winter, because you can wear a bolero over or cover yourself with your veil.

Mafer Vargas: “The neckline must create a balance”

We spoke to fashion designer Mafer Vargas and gave us their best advice in choosing the neckline of the wedding dress:

“If you do not have much bust, strapless dress is good or maybe an asymmetrical neckline that includes fools around so that it feels there is more than what you see.”

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Mafer believes that a little chubby girls is almost the same concept as for those who want tohighlight the waist:

“A boat neckline with slumped shoulders or square is what works for these bodies. This marks points that divide the body in a balanced and proportional. We also recommend a V-neck,because this type of neckline shapes your figure and draws the eye to the waist. However, care must be taken with depth, which is nothing more than fine to very vulgar if it is very pronounced. “

If you have wide shoulders, Mafer suggests not leave all the neck and shoulders bare, because you have to create a balance.

“You should avoid strapless, so a halter or asymmetrical will help you hide. The halter cuts your shoulder width s to have it around his neck. The same goes with the asymmetric “.

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Thin brides are favored as they can use it. If you’re skinny and your wedding is in winter, Mafer recommends using a high lace collar, which is very fashionable, or you can take advantage of a sweetheart neckline. You can also use a closed neckline in front and a V opening in the back.

“The collar is a kind of timeless neckline looks good on everyone. The depth and handle according to your body. If you have high bust, it is not very pronounced, but if you have perhaps shown a little bit more. “

Finding the ideal dress for your wedding begins to use a neck that fits the best on your figure. As you can see, there are all kinds of necklines for girlfriend, so find the one you feel most comfortable and with which you look stunning. Luck!

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