Delivery of parts of marriage: find the most creative

Getting married is a very important decision for people, a step that is, from the service, start thinking about what it means to organize the wedding, party, food and of course the invitations.

This first feature of what the event may become more important in your life should be flawless and not just enough to get the right choice for your card but also a super original and creative to engage your family and friends.

Do not just go home from each party and leave the hands of a relative? While not a bad choice, it is also possible to innovate in an activity with a little more budget could make a difference in your wedding. Check out these options

His office and work friends

A group of very important when you are close to marriage is the work, people who accompanies us every day and somehow gradually becomes a witness to his love story.

A good way to go for the guests to get them the invitation is to hire skilled artists who can make a nice presentation. Harlequins, stilts or a doll can get to the door of your work and deliver the cards in the middle of a party atmosphere.

To make this short presentation you must coordinate the delivery with your employer or take some time (at lunch or out) for that in this way does not affect the day’s activities. It will be unforgettable!

Special breakfast with the family

Bring the family to tell the details of the wedding is one thing you can do before the engagement and when they are ready now. Any idea how long your family has been waiting to see you happily married? Rate this detail and gather everyone for a simple breakfast in which adults and children can participate.

Share this point, take pictures, come over to the new families and uncompromisable to be in that church specially chosen for your wedding day.

A house in a decorated car

Do you work weekends? If your answer is no, you have another good way to involve these people so important. You can rent a car for a few hours (the color and model you prefer) and go to the homes of people you consider most important in your life and your partner.

If you have more budget you can make a caravan or a float to announce your wedding date and theme of it. Chances are that the whole neighborhood knows about it, but it will be a detail to remember.

Make a virus with details of your wedding

If your boyfriend and you have a particular taste for the Internet, computers and “geek” to make your wedding a fun and different for your friends is not lost.

You can produce a video in which you and your boyfriend give some details of the ceremony and encourage all to come. Very important to know that besides the video card you must give as you see fit.

Delivery via courier

In department stores there is a whole system of delivery of cards you get as a benefit by your purchases at the different products. This practical and simple system you can bring to your wedding .

Hire a messaging service and after passing the guest list make sure everyone can get the parts in perfect condition. Perfect service for a couple who does not have much free time and want to leave this step.

Which of these ideas are going to use at your wedding? Do not forget to comment!

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