No flowers bridal bouquets: a super original wedding

I was checking the web and found Monica’s post about this new trend called ” Trash the Dress “.After seeing the pictures and all the ideas in the article I was easy to think that weddings today are changing.

Nothing is as before and certainly never imagined my grandmother make her dress that still retain a piece filled with paint or choose one of these original dolls to crown the wedding cake.

Beyond flowers

For those who still do not know, there is a strong growing trend called “flower bouquets without” a rebel commitment to well-known change in meaning Flowers by elements such as pins, earrings, chocolates and even corks.

Are you about to get married and want to give that unique touch to this date? take a look at this post

Before starting to make this article showed pictures of one of my best friends. She, above all always very conservative, told me he would love to put a thing like this to your wedding and even recommend it to a friend, who married in the summer.

Are much more personal, break the classic and are somehow perfect for recycling. So if Grandma’s boudoir is very full of brooches and pins that nobody ever used, use them to form your look that day.

In the United States making bouquets and is an industry and many companies involved in developing these custom accessories.

Before being processed, the expert meets with the bride and together they developed an idea that you both like. They can be cardboard, metal, wood, acrylic or any material that had never admitted to a bouquet.

Do you dare to wear them?

As with everything in life you have to take into account whether it is a good choice. Thinking a bit on all the factors I find a couple of details that might not be beneficial

  • Cost: arguably, a bouquet of flowers will be several times more expensive than one designed especially with clasps and details. If you have a good budget is no problem.

  • Tradition in many cultures it is customary to throw the bouquet among the unmarried … I wonder how can you throw a bunch of materials loaded so strong? if you want to make this ceremony as it should and not change a bouquet, I do not have much problem.

You finally like the idea but do not dare to use them as a complement to your dress? In the Journal of Marriage There are several photos and tips to become colorful and great centerpieces or additions to any part of the decoration.

How about this proposal? I want a bride can dare to this and many other original ideas

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