How to wear a black dress Perfectly?

The black dress is a basic garment that should never miss in the closet of a woman. It really is the garment par excellence, because it combines with everything and helps refine the silhouette, giving it a nice shape to your body.

You can use it to go out with friends, to go to work, to go to a formal party. All depends on how you combine To learn how to wear a black dress, I recommend that you follow these tips:

Choose the right dress black
It is very likely that most women have in their closet over a black dress. There are plenty of models and cuts, and the question is to find the right one for your figure and your style of dress.

It is advisable to choose simple cuts that can be combined with all, you can opt for the princess cut or empire. You must also choose fabrics that are easy to use: avoid tulles, shine and lace for everyday.

Buy the right shoes
The shoes have to be chosen taking into account the style of dress, but want something sober you wear black shoes that are thin heels, and tall, closed.

The advantage of black dresses is that they allow you to play with accessories, so you can choose almost any shoes and look good: boots, boots, slippers; be very careful with this point because the shoes you choose have to like and combine well with your black dress.

Choose portfolio
You can use any type of portfolio, in any color. But the most recommended portfolios for a black dress are great for day and night portfolios small portfolios.

Currently are fashionable clutch and can also be used in the day, but not the most comfortable option.

Search the accessories listed
The key point with accessories is not to overload the black dress. Choose a pair of earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, something that gives your dress a special touch but not opaque.

You must also choose a hair accessory: tweezers, headbands, broces or a scarf or handkerchief. The accessories are suitable to give a certain color and a black dress simple touch.

Accessories black dress
Colorful earrings. If you want to use a black dress for something not so formal, I advise you to take a large colorful earrings that draws attention to your face.
Blazer color. Use your black dress with a patterned or colored blazer. Everything depends on the look you want to create: you can use from an elegant and chic navy blazer a trendy red blazer blazer or even a bold color, young and flashy neon.
Simile skins. For a formal event, and if it gets too cold, covered in camel color leads or coats that are synthetic leather.

Makeup for a black dress
Night. If you use your black evening dress, you have 2 makeups to choose from: the traditional smokey eyes and red lipstick.

. Day If your look is more casual, you do not need too maquiles: base skin tone and as light as possible, concealer and mascara.

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