How to dress if I’m a fat and short girl?

Bajita be plump and today is not a problem, you have to take advantage of all circumstances, accept and find solutions, and in this case there and many.


If you wonder how to dress if I’m chubby and short, then I leave some tips. So pay close attention:

1. If you want to look taller and slimmer have to use pendas that are of a single color, as lengthen or elongate your figure and give you a vertical appearance without cuts.

2. Shorts, skirts and high – waisted pants are highly recommended for women who are plump and petite, because they create the illusion of longer legs.

3. pants with vertical stripes, believe it or not, they are latest trend and favor you very well.

4. To stylize your figure perfectly you have to use jackets or blazers always tight and hip height.

5. If you like prints too, for those who choose to be discreet. If the design is too big it will make you look more plump.

6. The fat and very petite girls should always wear close to the body pledge. Open necklines in V or round make your body look longer and slimmer.

7. The footwear most recommended for fat and short girls are shoes with heels, because they make you look more stylish and high. And if you want to wear boots, they have to be knee or the heel height.

Shoes or thick wad platforms are also suitable, as they also make you look slimmer and taller.

8. skirts to the knees and shorts are the best choice to wear a slimmer legs. Asymmetrical hemlines also make your nice legs look slimmer.

Fat And I wear Bajita
V necklines used in your dresses and blouses, either in the back or ahead, will help lengthen your body.

The hairstyle you wear can be short or long, the important thing is that thins your face. Or opt for hairstyles that collected lengthen your face.
always opt for the vertical lines, because not only will make you look taller, but also create a thinner effect.

If you use jeans should be dark in color and straight leg. Pants for Fat and short girls should always be worn at the waist.
It is much better that you always wear one color and complement with accessories that give enhancement.
If you use a cute blazer, this has to be fitted and reaches up to your beautiful hips.


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