Choose the hairstyle for her wedding is always a difficult choice, dangling or tied hair? natural hair or worked?

Hairdressing, a matter of style

Your complete styling your wedding dress. With it, you can emphasize your style and ambiance that want to give your wedding. A tight bun will be refined wedding signature while unstructured and flower hair will enhance the vintage style or country you want. Here are some ideas for bridal hairstyles trends or classic are however always “in”.

Hair dangling

If you have long hair, loosen your hair for your big day is tempting. But this is not necessarily synonymous with messy hair. By having dangling hair, you can have quite an elaborate headdress with small details like mats, flowers or well drawn loops. Their beauty will thus put forward and we do not feel in disguise if you have the habit of wearing posted.

The choice is yours if you dream of a country style, bohemian or natural.


The bun

The bun is a timeless wedding. It may be conventional with a fastener tightly or formed of loops, but it is also increasingly variants to this hairstyle. flowers we add, it makes curls, we drop wicks and new trend bun want more clutter, less crowded and less strict. So many possibilities that make us yield to temptation!

The bun is ideal if you want a stylish and elegant wedding , but also for a chic country style while having the hair attached.

Braided hair
The choice of the braid is bold! It is increasingly popular with brides and guarantees a simple and spontaneous style, while remaining elegant. This hairstyle is also experiencing several variations and adapts to your desires. It is also very common to integrate a braid into a bun to give it lightness and play a more natural hand, although structured.

short hair (do not forget you!)

The beautiful bride hairstyles are not only reserved for long hair. The choice is more limited but you can still achieve very good results with short hair, in the accessorizing. Think natural flowers, headbands or greenhouses headers beads or lace. They will be the icing on the cake of your style and really provide the finishing touches that all guests will notice.

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