Tips To Celebrate Christmas at Home

Tips to celebrate Christmas at home.Already it has planned the Christmas holiday? If not, do not worry. In this interesting article I leave some important tips that will be helpful to celebrate Christmas at home without problems.

tips de moda navidad 2014 looks femeninos  moda femenina

Make a list. What you should do is a list of things you need or should do, like washing the tree, change the broken lights and ornaments carefully clean the dishes and see scope to all present.

Buy gifts with time. It is also important to go to the market and buy gifts in advance, then wrap them with the help of his family. Gifts can put them at the foot of the Christmas tree or hide them at home and on Christmas Day let each family member finds his gift.

Arming the Christmas decorations early. Start running the Christmas decorations from the door to inside your home. You can paint the gateway to the white house and decorate the corners with Christmas ribbons, always keep in mind that the Advent wreath must be placed in the upper half of the door.

Prepare Christmas dinner in advance. For Christmas dinner has it in time, it is advisable to prepare them in advance as the pastures, cookies and sauces. Other foods can buy ready-made market, only have to buy and refrigerate.

Complete preparation the day before. Have everything at home to celebrate Christmas Eve comfortably, ie, buy everything you need on December 23. This includes having your home tidy and neat, decor and solved the menu list.

How to look more feminine
tips de moda navidad 2014 looks femeninos  moda femenina

Use some makeup. This does not mean that you try and use all beauty products and treatments available. But, you should highlight your femininity and beauty, use some makeup to give them life, brightness and expressiveness of his eyes. Also use BB Cream p basis for your skin and give your face more tenderness and sensuality use a little pink lipstick.

Fix your hair. To look feminine is much better to have long hair because it is the calling card of a woman. Spend some time on their hair to give it a more elegant touch; do yourself a bun, braid or simply contact hair accessories.

Search flattering shoes. To create chic and feminine looks is essential to use high heels, because they are men shoes really can not use, and when women use them, hits them too. Avoid shoes loafers, oxfords and sneakers. If you do not like to wear shoes with heels or you are uncomfortable, then opt for ballerinas, boots or platforms.

tips de moda navidad 2014 looks femeninos  moda femenina

Do not forget the accessories. To look more feminine do not forget the accessories. Choose accessories of all styles and sizes in colors like silver, gold, bright colors and pastels, bracelets, earrings, scarves, rings, wallets, belts and hats.

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