Choose the wedding dress according to your body shape

Choose the wedding dress
When Planning a wedding endless searches begin a lot of things: clothing, accessories, restaurant, church or court … although obviously it will take longer is the dress and, in general, all you need to get your bridal look. The famous topic of “radiant bride” is a reality because all brides took a special shine on the day of our wedding.

As for the search of that perfect look will certainly find the right dress will be the priority, and you look taking into account a factor that you should bear in mind whenever you choose a garment: the shape of your body. Not all the clothes we are all equal and that all bodies are different, and that is not the same dress for a girl with small breasts than another who has prominent nor for a very skinny one another for a chubby girl.

The body shapes of women can be divided into five groups, each with its own characteristics.Therefore notes these tips to choose the wedding dress according to the shape of your body:

– Hourglass: Many consider it the ideal body as it resembles the famous steps “90-60-90”, with prominent shoulders and hips but narrow waist. In this case, all styles of dresses still look good, they are cut and the way they have.

– Inverted Triangle: This body will have those with a prominent back or chest but the hips are narrow.The dresses are recommended princess cut, cut in A, draped, layered, or pleated. Do not wear a strapless neckline or boat type, it is best tank top or turtleneck.

– Triangle: This is the reverse of the above type, ie, hips and legs are prominent and the top is smaller.The empire cut dress is your best ally to visually balance your body forms, and a strapless neckline boat or heart rate.

– Square: The body does not stand out especially not at the bottom or the top as both seem the same dimensions and proportions. Here you will find dresses that Stilicho you a bit, such as cutting or empire cut mermaid.

– Oval: Not an angular body type so we have to shape the waist and separate it from the upper and lower parts. The best option is a straight-cut dress that fits you very tight, and always discreet design that are not too overloaded.

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