How about wines and drinks for a wedding?

Cocktail and wedding dinner: we pay attention to wine and champagne

Receiving traditional or contemporary, between wines, champagnes and soft drinks, what to choose for his guests? Cocktail of the cake, not to mention the wedding dinner and open bar party, each step has its reference. Most often it is used during the Champagne cocktail wedding because it goes well with the sweet cakes, and savory. You can also offer a cocktail of Champagne or Sacrament as soup or soup Touraine Champenoise, popular summer …

Champagne and cake: a perfect match! - Photo: Gold Purity

Champagne and cake: a perfect match! – Photo: Gold Purity

For dinner, each offers its white wine … From shellfish / fish and red wine for meat and cheese. Do not forget the classic: fruit juice, soda and water source or even sparkling water.

And finally, we propose a rosé Champagne, which will perfectly accompany your wedding cake . All served in pretty glasses, for the pleasure of the eye complements the taste buds.

Champagne wedding reception: an imponderable - Photo: Orchid Com'une

Champagne wedding reception: an imponderable – Photo: Orchid Com’une

If you want to know the number of bottles to be ordered, you must know what you want to use … For Champagne, will he served at cocktail and dessert? Just cocktail? For dessert and open bar during the evening? For information, a bottle gives around 7 flutes …

Generally, married ordering a bottle for 2 persons, representing 3 cups per person (2 cups 1 cup cocktail and the dessert). Do not hesitate to order more bottles, not to be missed … To enjoy a Champagne at fair value, do not use neither too hot nor too cold (ideally between 6 and 10 ° C for Champagne brut without year and around 12 ° c for a great vintage), and do not shake the bottle!

Food and wine must agree to the wedding reception - Photo: Orchid Com'une

Food and wine must agree to the wedding reception – Photo: Orchid Com’une

For wine, know that there are a bottle of white for 4 people (usually input) and a bottle of red wine for 3 persons (if the dish is meat and cheese). It must be chosen with great care and served in the rules of art. Depending on your dishes and your guests choose fruity, tannic, light … Whatever your choice, attention to agreements between wines and blends! it is best to start by serving white wine, then move to a red wine.

Different containers possible, here:
= 75 cl bottle
Magnum = 2 bottles / 1.5 L
Jeroboam = 4 bottles / 3 L
Rehoboam = 6 bottles / 4.5 L
Methuselah = 8 bottles / 6 L
Shalmaneser = 12 bottles / 9 L
Balthazar = 16 bottles / 12 L
Nebuchadnezzar bottles = 20/15 L

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