The red carpet at the Oscars 2013

The red carpet at the Oscars 2013
What a let down! The red carpet at the 85th edition of the Oscars 2013 has been disappointing, probably because of the high expectations we always have before the most anticipated catwalk fashion.

Once again Hollywood has celebrated his big night film and Dolby Theatre Los Angeles has extended the red carpet that have walked by dozens of celebrities dressed in their finery. Yes, the Oscar ceremony was not as lucid as in other editions. If you do not believe, then check it.

Best of the Moche

In 2013 we saw a radiant nominated as Anne Hathaway (who became a Trending Topic just walk the red carpet for the effect caused her Prada dress on her chest), Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, Jessica Chastain, winning other issues like Jane Fonda or Sandra Bullock or presenters who have participated in the gala as Kristen Stewart, among many other interesting things.


Have been noted, and much, absences of Natalie Portman and Marion Cotillard, who always emerge glamor to every step, Angelina Jolie, Gwyneth Paltrow, the best dressed of last year, and our Penelope Cruz.

Wallis Quvenzhane

Special mention should be the child star of “Beasts of the Southern Wild, ‘” Wallis Quvenzhane,the youngest actress to qualify for an Oscar, and has nine years (only 6 when he recorded the film). Little came to the red carpet with a bag stuffed puppy and a blue evening gown Armani Junior. It is also the first time that the line Armani Junior parading down a red carpet.

The red carpet at the Oscars 2013
In short, little emotion between the styles of the actresses. Only Halle Berry, with a rocker lookand timeless elegance of Charlize Theron managed to shine in the night of Americaan cinema.Now that we have an overview of the most important of the red carpet at the Oscars 2013, we will go in depth on what really interests us. Who were the best and worst dressed on the red carpet? Very attentive because once you have it all! For now, you can enjoy some of the dresses of the celebrities who attended the awards gala.

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