What Shoes Do I Wear With Shine Dress

One of the basics of fashion in recent years is undoubtedly the gold dress. That piece of fabric that mimics the elegance and exclusivity of gold is becoming increasingly important on the runways and ceremonies where celebrities wait literally shine.

As with everything they touch, the gold shine dress has also become, redundant, in that precious object of desire that you have already rushed sure to carry your closet. If you already have a gold dress or are planning to buy one, this post is for you!

Gold dress: powerful choice

The houses designers have taken their couture designs to this color, a tone that adds stylish good looks and sophistication to the image of women. Many models can be found on the market and according to the commentary of experts , the ideal cut for this color is the gown or night.

Is it easy or difficult to combine them? I spoke with Jessica Hauyon, blogger and founder of Jessica’s Closet , who shared his views on this trend:

“We must be careful when we choose what kind of accessories combine with a gold dress, I advise you try to select very simple accessories that highlight your look too but if you give that touch of chic and glam all seek”

Put red shoes!

Do you have red shoes you bought long ago and I have put the very few times? The color red is a pretty smart and able to give a bonus to any look. Keep this in mind the next time you go shopping!

If you want to take a high-heeled red shoes, the best is a short dress (until just before the knees) without much detail or intricate cuts. The red draws the eye itself and that is why it is recommended to balance with the other accessories and makeup very natural.

¿Animal print and gold dress?

One of the most successful prints is, without doubt, the animal print , an elegant finish and full of attitude that recreates the skins of wild animals in items as diverse as you might have seen.

The animal print is reinvented in the shoes and makes a good pair on a gold dress. You can use tiger or leopard prints which contrast nicely! Jessica agrees with this trend:

“The leopard-print shoes in brown and black are the perfect accessory gold, especially when sober dress to enhance it”

Gold dresses and shiny shoes!

Many celebrities have dared to wear the gold dress in events of great importance to his career.The young and very famous Selena Gomez, despite his young age, and can be taken as a benchmark in women’s wardrobe.

In the photo below reveals a Selena with an elegant long dress that comes with a golden shoes to the same tone and sequin details.

Glows in the dress and shine on the shoes? It seems a good choice, and as Jessica says, “we must be careful because not all the gold is worth. Dressing head to toe with gold is not always good idea. ”

Tips to blend your gold dress

This is important to a tip that many share certain: the stars gold dress immediately and is quite delicate look to find another piece of the look you have this importance, so do not complicate much. So you can opt for something very classic and simple sandals or shoes in color tip over.

Before thinking about what color or trend goes better with the color you decided to get dressed, you s think about what you want to achieve with them. Our specialist this week makes some suggestions

  • We must tell you that the shoes that we like are not always the most do not favor, we must find a balance between what we enjoy wearing and make us look better, contributing to the image you want to project.
  • Very important to consider what we want to emphasize and what we hide, remember that shoes are the protagonists, can raise or ruin our outfit.
  • Between the dress and shoes must be a harmony, a gown worthy of certain patterns of shoes that do not demand a short dress.

If you have a basic cut dress to go to some events and can not find what would be the perfect couple, you can choose between two options:

  • Black shoes: high heeled and even platforms.
  • Nude Shoes: with studded detail in some areas.

With regard to clothing, Jessica anticipates some details:

  • Dresses that are bright: the shoes must be sober.
  • Short dresses and wide: we favor a high-heeled shoes and crossed straps because estilizaran our legs.
  • Well short dresses flying: look great with high heels and platform pronounced, and will do that directs attention to the shoes as the main accessory.

A dress and two ideas

That gold dress that does not stay in one use! Reinvéntalo with a proposed new shoes and enjoy the trend.

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