Wallets and purses recycled ideal for every style

Talented people in the world have shown that creativity is a way out of trouble and face many situations of all kinds. These artists, who spend much of their time to work using what for many could be seen as waste or garbage, leaving them with beautiful finishes and, best, super useful.

Today we want to address all these different designs, well made and super cheap that sometimes we do not consider when thinking about buying a new wallet or purse, but really worthwhile. Do you know what are the trends in recycling to develop accessories? In this note what you have.

Materials with more than one life

  • Wrappers and paper magazine

It’s amazing how the simplest things when looking to provide both comfortable and simple products, all that we do not use to eat, as wrappers, straws, paper napkins and even covers our soft drinks are incredible ideas to make models of bags .

The fabric or wrapping paper journals is not only the classic style, but also seems to have turned into fashion. Using just a few envelopes, wrapping paper or even newspaper and some skill to the braid, you will achieve a good example.

  • Clothing in good condition and will not use

Do you have unused items or sweater in good condition otherwise would like to use? The overall knitwear and clothing, is well suited to make tablecloths, rugs to decorate the house, and stylish handbags and purses. One of the designs that I liked best is made with a classic winter sweaters woven in blue. A couple of fixes, thin straps and go. Try to make at home!

Recently, with great sadness, I left a blazer that I liked, it seems that he had grown a little longer and the sleeves were so short that I have already been in my closet unused. I came across this super idea to retrieve a piece so elegant and though it seems simple, I think bringing this photo to a sewing kit, no problems in doing so.

  • Pasta old books or notebooks

With this idea I was simply amazed. I never imagined that the paste of a book could make a bag.The model is simple and elegant, it comes to using the book spine and bottom of the bag, add a few pieces of fabric in the spaces of each side, put some handles, and ready. I can recommend you seek the cover of your favorite book, the print in hardcover and seek the most appropriate fabric.

  • Scraps of fabric

The maxi handbags are super trendy and sure you’re looking to have one. No need to wait to come to your city or to bring him out, you can use sewing machine to build your own handbag large or cut several pieces of your favorite fabric for a unique design.

The recycling is a trend that we should imitate! We encourage you to try some of these products

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