Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Shoes

The wedding day is one of the most memorable days of life. For women, it’s a day where everything just has to be perfect. From the hair to the make up and the dress to the special wedding shoes putting in the final touch everything has to be just right.

Generally though, wedding shoes are at the bottom of the list for most brides. The hair and make up along with the dress are the main causes of concern. Since choosing wedding shoes are left for the last minute, it may not always be as easy to find the perfect match. Since brides are the center of attraction on the wedding night, people will definitely be noticing your shoes.

Lace Champagne wedding shoes

So what kind of wedding shoes should you go for? Well, if you haven’t worn heels before then your wedding night is not the right time to start experimenting. Let alone comfort, you will not even be able to walk down the aisle properly. You would be much better off going for a low heal or a satin ballerina slipper.

It is preferable to purchase your wedding shoes early. It is best that you get it along with your wedding dress so that you can match it. In some cases you may have to take your shoes along with you to the tailor in order to get your dress hemmed accordingly.

Simple Wedding Shoes

One thing to take into consideration is the embellishments that have been used to decorate your wedding dress. This is very important because if you pick up a rhinestone shoe for a pearl embellished dress then you will be totally mismatched.

Pretty Wedding Shoes

If you do go for heels on your weeding night make sure you break into them prior to the big day. It would be foolish to wait till the last moment because you will not be comfortable in your shoes if you are wearing them for the first time on the wedding night.

Pink Wedding Shoes

Generally no groom would enjoy a bride taller than himself. So if you are going for heels keep your fiancé’s height in mind so that you don’t end up towering over him. If you have a long wedding dress then buying wedding shoes is one area where you can save money. This is because they will hardly be visible. Although this is one option that you can go for but most brides would not be comfortable in compromising on anything to do with dressing up.

Cute Wedding Shoes

Traditionally wedding shoes have always been white and relatively simple. But times have definitely changed and today you have a wide range of styles and themes that you can go for. Stilettos, pumps, mules and kitten heels are not the only options you have. Almost the contemporary themes that brides to be will be able to find these days are fairy tales, beach, outdoor garden and ethnic themed wedding shoes.

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