White Dresses For A White Wedding Party

White wedding, and why not? A chic dress code top! Photofoodwrigraphy.blogspot.com

White: THE color of choice for a wedding. Tradition has it that only the bride is dressed in white (I recommend you also go take a look at the collections of wedding dresses 2012 ), but times are changing … More and more brides are opting for a colored wedding dress, so whyguests should they be dressed in white?! Dinners that are white, why not marriages?

I speak of course if the couple explicitly ask their guests to be well dressed. This is usually on the invitations said what the dress code. But beware, do not make me say that I told you to dress in white at the wedding of your best friend! I would not create a diplomatic incident! We dressed in white only if it is the wish of the couple!

If this is the case, here are some suggestions to be on top! Dresses simple, funny, classic … All you will find your happiness! Of course we play on lengths depending on the type of wedding, reception style, etc.. The goal: to be a guest glamor and chic top!

White dress Demetrios 2012 Mod. SE107 - Photo: www.demetriosbride.com
White dress Demetrios 2012 Mod. SE107 – Photo: www.demetriosbride.com
White dress: we play with the black! Photo: www.morilee.com
White dress: we play with the black! Photo: www.morilee.com
White dresses collection 2012 Pronovias Gowns. Photo: www.pronovias.com
White dresses collection 2012 Pronovias Gowns. Photo: www.pronovias.com

For accessories, the focus is on gold and silver, and why not on the black. Nothing like to highlight the whiteness of your dress. We play with accessories which are noticed, such as sandals encrusted with stones, sequins and stilettos …

Invited to a wedding in white. Bridesmaid Collection by Mori Lee. Photo: www.morilee.com
Invited to a wedding in white. Bridesmaid Collection by Mori Lee. Photo: morilee.com

Brides, you are reluctant to impose this white dress code for your guests? You prefer to leave them the choice of colors? Give us your feedback!

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