Tips for combining lace shorts

There are many items that are trend each season, some more than others but always with a trend that devastates even as it should. Today I would like to mention the lace shorts, carrying a couple of seasons to be among the highlights but have not finished giving the blow required to be on top.

Lace Shorts are a garment which primarily focus all low-cost stores but you can also find timidly in some of the collections from top designers. It is a garment that is not very easy to combine or goes for any occasion, but the fact is that they feel great and give a unique estilazo. Take note of these tips to combine lace shorts and the guys there:

– Short cycling: They look like meshes that are cycling lycra and are very close to the body. They are also more transparent than normal so you will be great if you combine it with another short cowboy or cowgirl with a skirt too.

– Short at the waist: If you like taking clothes to the waist you’ll love even for my tastes are much more beautiful the other. Not always fit all the world, not even that always feels good clothes at the waist.

– Short to the hip: The contario as above, this will be divine and they are the most versatile and comfortable that you can find. This rate is to find more variety in design and colors, so shorts if you like you have in your wardrobe one black and one beige.

– Colors: These are very important when choosing combinations, beige and black are the best that you stay and the more options you will join. No blank is highly recommended because they almost always seem typical tablecloths or napkins we have at home for cooking or decorating a couch.

– Casual Look: The short get combining a top or shirt with wide and booties. The colors of the shirt will vary depending on the color of your choice for short.

– Formal Look: We will pay for special occasions and you can choose more or less elegant shorts depending on where you go to go. Give a special touch to the look with a velvet top and a couple of supplements that are not very colorful. In this case it is better to go with a single color or two but not too flashy.

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