Bridal Accessories for this season: boleros, tops and jackets

You are about to begin selecting your wedding dress and you have not noticed that there is a supplement that can give you a girlfriend or special personality style to your design. So, boleros, jackets and tops are very popular, and often put the touch sexy, romantic or modern you were looking for.

Here a spectacular wedding accessories collection for spring summer that is coming with great force.


Air Barcelona is committed to recommending the use of comfortable and cute tops to show off two looks in one day, ie you can use it in church, and then take it off at the reception or party, and you will continue looking great!.

Delicate top type bolero embroidered lace flowers. Notice that leads short sleeves and fastens at the center of the bust. Ideal for a dress strapless neckline or strapless.

This top or bolero is much shorter, has lapels and is open only overlaps the bodice of the bride.Be used with a straight neckline dress with pleated or very thin.

Sensual complement girlfriend, is a leading tulle top with double neck in the back, open sleeves and three quarters, they end up in a lace border.

This design is beautiful, look at how the provision of matching lace top of the wedding with the rest of the wedding dress.

In this design wedding dress, also being supplemented with the lace bolero and put the fabric on the bodice of the dress. Three fourths sleeves and short to the bust size.

If you do not want to use sleeves, the lace top with transparency can be your perfect model. It falls snug collar and waist.


St. Patrick has always presented collections of wedding dresses impeccably, not all means, now presents a beautiful collection of jackets to complement your wedding dress and look stunning.

Delicate embroidered dress with jacket, is so fine that superimposed on the wedding dress. It is three quarters sleeves and round collar covering the entire chest of the bride.

Coquettish bride short jacket with sleeves and pants with padded three quarters to give a Spanish style the bride.

Bridal jacket much more conservative, consisting of embroidered lace, open sleeves and high.

If you want something more nurturing, this high collar jacket with long sleeves is what you wanted.It loaded the socket recommend carrying a dress or smooth fine wrinkles.

Complement the style of wedding tulle shawl, crossed with a bow and placed in a way that shows the shoulders of the bride.

Here a video with models wedding dresses for this Collection Air 2012 and a quick look to their wedding accessories.

I think now if you have a great idea that you can use for your wedding, remember that most of these accessories are for use at times or if you like manterlo as fixed part of your outfit. Good luck with the election.

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