Tips for choosing a long dress for your party

Choose the right color for a long dress, we have to consider our skin color. If you are dark skinned, we have to opt for long dresses that are discrete, such as navy blue, black and dark gray. You better move away from the brown color, it is a color that darkens to a dark our skin.

But, if we have clear skin absolutely have to get away from dresses that are yellow and white. Bow down to the dresses that are bright such as red, purple and orange colors because they are colors that give your image a touch of class and glamor.

Cut: To choose the long dress more appropriate, we have to consider our figure. If you have a large bust, opt for dresses square neckline, long sleeves or having the height of the arms having recessed, thus highlighting achieve our arms. But if we narrow our bust, we have to choose dresses that have spaghetti straps.

Otherwise, we have a small bust, we must bow to the neckline dresses or peak shape dresses also closed. Women who have a few extra pounds in your body, should aside dresses made of silk or satin, they are woven to a highlight those extra pounds, you better choose dresses that are opaque fabrics and solid colors .

The plus size women should also choose dresses straight model or rather by the dresses that are empire cut, but which do not conform to the waist, thus avoiding the belly dial. Especially the dresses have to be chosen in a V-neck or round.

Height: The height or size of each woman, also dictate the choice of appropriate dress. The dresses that are too long are not recommended for women of small stature. Tall women have great strengthens using any model gowns .

Necklines: Currently there are suggestive, discrete and flirty necklines.You, have to choose a neckline that favors your body type, so that predominates in its look elegance and dressing well. So, ask a professional about that neckline gowns favors him.

The party venue: The place where the party or event will take place also dictate the correct choice of dress. For a wedding party, do not choose a long white dress, as it is a special color of the bride, so it is best to choose another color. Invited to a graduation party should wear dresses that are casual style, the graduate must always wear a cute long elegant dress.

Accessories and complements: Especially all gowns should be used are high heels, can be fine or needle and always combine them with a cute bag. The heels are perfect for showing off your figure and legs. Choose shoes that are comfortable and can walk without problems.

Those used in night gowns always have to be combined with accessories with glitter, as it is the best way to enhance their appearance. Remember, long dresses also should carry a cute tote bag, it has to be small and mostly have style. The most used hand bags are gold, silver and black.

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