Print Summer 2014 Dresses Campaign

White Summer 2014 Campaign
If you liked the irresistible party dresses White and his catalog of accessories for the beach , you’ll love the summer campaign just launched the low cost firm.

The summer catalog of Blanco is a preview of a style that triumphs this summer season: the tropical print. Want to know how to wear it? Then record some ideas of looks proposes Blanco.

Multicolored Prints

White Summer 2014 Campaign
With anti-crisis prices that are affordable for any pocket, the clothes and accessories in White invites us to enjoy an unforgettable journey through the most exotic destinations in the world. How? With a multicolor prints, funny, cheerful and wild. Not suitable for discrete girls!

In exemplary we’ve talked occasionally tropical print. It is an absolutely essential pattern during the spring-summer season, but you can also wear it in any other season.

Flowers of different colors and sizes, palms and tropical locations inspired landscapes are the highlights for betting White in his new summer 2014 catalog.

White Summer 2014 Campaign

For day and night

And how to wear this trend? In some amazing dresses for the beach and the night in a comfortable oversize or monkey or a practical jumpsuit pants.

Garments that are already on sale in all stores in White and can be yours for a low cost price. No doubt the summer and summer collection of popular signature to give you a very exotic to touch your summer looks.

White Summer 2014 Campaign

But also very light clothing to withstand the high summer temperatures. Amazing Vacation in your suitcase. How about the news that White has prepared us? All the beauty and taste of the most exotic destinations in the world, sneak into our wardrobe. And we love us!

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