Tips for a sensual bride look

To find your perfect bride look you must be true to your personality. So, if in your day to day you like to feel sexy, on the day of your wedding you should not give up to wear the look that goes with you. Today we tell you how to get it.

We will not tire of reminding you that dressing as a bride does not mean disguising yourself. That’s why the key to finding your perfect look is to be true to your own personality. So if you’re a sexy girl, why give up wearing a sexy bride look?

The key is to achieve the balance between sensuality and elegance, to avoid falling into vulgarity. And to help you get it here you have some tips.

    • The secret to unite sensuality and elegance is to know how to detect your strengths and strengthen them. The best thing is that you focus only on one of them, giving it more prominence. If you are lucky enough to have a nice figure, choose a mermaid cut dress and boast a body. But if you think your strong point is your chest chooses a dress with a heart neckline , they are the ones who feel the best.

  • There is nothing that is sexier than a nice corset . Today there are several designers who specialize in designing them.There are real wonders. So if you like this garment you can order one and combine it with a silk tulle skirt.
    • The back is one of the most sensual areas of the female body. Look for a dress with a nice neckline on the back , and complete your styling with a hairstyle that exposes it. You will be the center of attention.
    • One of the keys to sensuality is to insinuate without teaching anything . If you want to follow this maxim choose a dress that has transparencies, for example in the sleeves, the neckline or in the back. Ideally, these transparencies have embroidery or rhinestones.
    • If you think your strong point is your eyes talk to your stylist to boost your look with a good makeup : false eyelashes , smoky eyes, eyerline … he will know how to get it. But if you consider that the most sensual part of your body are your lips, ask them to highlight them. Well-designed red lips are extremely sexy.

  • And do not forget to feel sexy on the outside also you must be inside . Do not forget that after the wedding comes the wedding night, so choose a nice set of underwear with which you feel very sexy.

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