The Origin of the Vintage bridesmaid dresses 2017

Ladies, have you ever dreamed of owning a vintage bridesmaid dress?You know, every woman will sooner or later to be a bride. So, it is natural for a woman to choose their own vintage bridesmaid dresses on their wedding day.

Every bride wants to look beautiful and timeless on her wedding day. It is the photos that every bride will look back at when they get older.

Look through some vintage bridesmaid dresses to see what had stood the test of time. What may be hot and trendy today can be dated by next decade. Many brides love vintage bridesmaid dresses and want to capture the romance and beauty of an earlier age.

In history, the girl who first wore vintage Bridesmaid Dresses might be Philippa who was the daughter of Henry Ⅳ. In 1506, when she was only 12 years old, she married Eric, a Dane. She wore a white satin cloak, very striking. Philippa was followed by princess Mali. In 1558 when Mali married, white dresses were mourning attire. Mali rejected this tradition and wore the beautiful white wedding dresses. It was the origin of today’s white vintage bridesmaid dresses.

The origin of the vintage bridesmaid dresses is quite obviously that every bride wants to be more beautiful and auspicious on their wedding day.

So, vintage bridesmaid dress is the right choice for you. Do not wait any more. Now it is the time.

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