The announcement of a marriage is not always good news

When two people decide to marry, they are thought to necessarily love, happy and euphoric at the thought of sharing new LA! But you who are not happy (is) elected (E), do you ever said that the date of marriage of Paulette was insane, that you feared to annoy you at the wedding of Paul and the prospect of through France to go to the wedding of Claire does not packed you?! So that’s why the announcement of a marriage is not always good news …

Invited to a wedding. Photo: MasDosInvited to a wedding. Photo: MasDos

Why, a marriage can not be good news? On second thought, this is what came to my mind.

The marriage of his / her best (e) friend (e). If that is considered one of his best friends decided to take the plunge, you may be afraid (and rightfully so!) He (she) abandoned us in favor of his half. We can be glad for him, but feared for himself.

Photo: Grupo VStudios
Photo: Grupo VStudios

The marriage of an acquaintance. At the time it was the couple’s parents who invited to the marriage of their children. Friends were invited parents and people very often, the bride and groom did not know or not. Same thing for the guests! Even today it can happen. Being invited to the wedding of someone you hardly know there is nothing exciting and not necessarily a good plan.

Photo: Manu Jimenez, Globalfotografía
Photo: Manu Jimenez, Globalfotografía

The marriage of a friend when we are in the red. Be invited to a wedding in the heart of summer, it’s nice but it has a cost. Bachelor party girl / boy, held for the D-Day, a wedding gift : Guest side, a marriage that figure fast! So of course if you are just financially, no way to combine a holiday bonus.

Have you ever experienced any of these cases? Are you thinking about other things that could limit the euphoria of a marriage? Ok, let’s stay positive all the same! A wedding is an opportunity to party and meet people! So when we did everything to be on top for the wedding of a friend, no way to miss the festivities! And above all, take a look at this checklist designed for wedding guests . Feel free to share your views and share your tips on here !

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