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Your hands are like the business cards of your appearance, so it should always be in fashion straight and tidy, and it is important to choose the right paint for every occasion.



Lace nails


But the real new trend for Fall / Winter 2011/2012 are decorated nails: are impressive and flashy and there are countless ways to decorate to match your clothes. Of course, you can always do a perfect manicure manicurist to you, but if you’re a little creative and you have the right tools, you can do for yourself!



It appears that in 2012 we are headed for a greater number of women doing their nails to promote their unique personalities and their fashion sense! Paying attention to your hands and feet are going to be very important this year! Making a statement with your nails will be very fashionable! This year’s trends lean towards two things – healthy and colorful nails!

Nail Art Designs Photo-7

Nail Art Designs Photo-51

Nail Art Designs Photo-49

Clean lines and well crafted designs will be most important! So when you are preparing to do your manicure or pedicure, be sure to have guide stickers for your shapes and designs. And above all, make sure that you wait ample time between coats for different colors. You don’t want to smudge your nails before the total effect can be achieved. Finally, don’t forget that once the nails are completely dry, you should apply a clear top coat for the design to last longer. Take care of your finger and toe nails and express your inner artist to be in truly high fashion this year!

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    […] I leave you with a video where you can learn to bring this new trend in nails. I have seen and see that it is not complicated. With a little technique and the right materials, patience and determination, you will be royal: In short, this design has the effect of the frame of the photograph or painting that is preferred, is a way to highlight our hands and give a feminine touch and creative, the most practical and creative. So get to work and point us to this new trend! You can find more about good and interest nails here! […]

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