Nail Trends for 2022

Choosing the color of the nail polish is not the only thing you have to worry about in a manicure anymore. The style, the sizes, shapes and other unique things are now trending in every runaway show, just like clothes and hair. So, before you check out Sydney daily deals to schedule your next manicure appointment, make sure you are up-to-date with the 2022 trends for nails.

Neutral Colours
Universally flattering and so elegant, minimalist colours made the biggest statement of all. Divergent from the many printed clothing and accessories, creamy shades of grey, white, pale pink, and soft beige. Tory Burch showed Essie’s Mademoiselle. This look can help elongate your hands with rounded shape nails and no chips, scuffs or slacking on the upkeep.

Lady-like Colours
All shades of reds and pinks that bring pretty and feminine to the table. This kind of color always fit well with long and well shaped nails. A good tip to get the perfect curve is mirror the cuticle shape. To an elegant finish, pick up hints of the shade on your eyes or lips.

Reverse French Manicures
The other way of the classical French manicure, is a good idea to change your style without trying too hard. Instead of the traditional tried-and-true nail polish, a mix of colors, complementary or not, to create a fresh look.

Once famous for hair colour, now it is time for the nails. Getting more popular each day, the design is about colour merging into another. This way, you don´t have to chose only one colour when going to the manicure. And also, it is a fashion trend and Wow look for spring.

Claw style
It used to be a style from the ´80s that you never thought would come back. But the fact is some music divas are bringing ling acrylic talons back to the picture.  Adele, Lady Gaga and Lana Del Ray have been showing longer, dramatically pointed nails wrapped around their microphones. While the first keep more “traditional” metallic, the other two make more statement colorful eyes. It’s time to claws out!

Of course you want to be part of the latest fashion trends? The whole beauty world is going crazy about nails.

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