Sixties wedding style

I think all brides want our wedding to be beautiful and original. Options to achieve this are the wedding theme , where everything revolves around a concept. Are the most diverse ideas from a wedding to cowboy to a fairy tale style. Actually, everything depends on the tastes of the couple.

A great idea is to make it based on some special time. To me in particular I was very attracted to the sixties, because it is a time when they begin to germinate ideas like freedom, counter … how forget the hippies and all her wave begins to take shape in these years?

Furthermore, it is a very colorful style and his simple way, if you want to do something more casual, but fun. Remember, for example, that those years were in fashion very feminine details, such as gloves and flowers.

Talking with Chani Mejia Nupciale Wedding Planner , says,

“Surely the wedding theme is a favorite of brides in the coming years is the” vintage wedding. “If marriage is synonymous with romance, the 60’s contains all the elements that move the newlyweds and guests to Most interesting times. “

A dress sixties!

Let’s start with the most important and what is troubling you, this will decide if this style is yours or not: the dress! For if you do not have very clear, were the years that just had won the miniskirts top.

If in doubt, just enough to give you a look at the dress she wore when she married Yoko Ono with John Lennon (do you also animate the wide-brimmed hat?)

Our expert wedding planner of the week is in full agreement:

“The taste for the miniskirt was reflected in wedding dresses. So get ready to surprise your guests with a cute short dress that can be integrated lace, organza and other traditional fabrics. The styles were predominant style tailor (attached) and flowing style, ballerina skirt type. Another trend that follows the classic lines are long dresses and sheer lace headdresses bulky. Kate Middleton’s dress represents either the style of the era with a modern twist. “

In another modern version can also give you some if short flight. If you’re proud of your legs and think it’s a waste to cover them, this will work fine.

There are also dressed in a long flight, below the knee and narrow waist, which personally I find the most feminine and romantic. If you love the vintage, so worship.

And how to forget that this time inherited these shoes heels wide (it will look if you wear a short dress) and incredible platform that at least allow you to be rested and very high for your wedding.

Your personal grooming!

Just make those collected very voluptuous hair and you got like 10 inches taller. Your inspiration may be the divas of those years as the beautiful Audrey Hepburn .

With this video you will find a very clear idea of the hairstyles you can opt for following the line of the sixties.

Chani, our specialist, also gives us guidance about makeup:

“It should definitely highlight eyes with eyeliner and mask strong shadows and shades of blue or green. The effect is feline. False eyelashes should be long and plentiful. Lips in pastel shades. ”

To the touch, maybe you can inspire in some of the photography. Delicate and simple, they are super flirty. The straw hat is best for an outdoor wedding and in the field. Our expert tells us that:

The headdress can be integrated fabric flowers, tulle, satin ribbons or hats. And the bouquet is lush and pastel colors. The tapes were widely used at the time. The used model was kind heart. “

60’s style decor

How to fix the place is essential for building an atmosphere in which all elements follow the same theme. In this case the hippie decor, with lots of colors (orange, yellow, pink or green), rainbow or symbols of peace will be lovely. Remember also that is a very happy event, so I said the weather will be very harmonious and joyful.

Even if you’re worried exaggerating, consider that according to our specialist:

“While color trends in the decade were strong and even fluorescent, under the influence hippie at the wedding cake colors predominated, in line classical.La 60s style wedding has its ideal in a classroom, and if with floor board patterns or, even better. It is imperative that your decorator integrates elements of the time (tables, chairs, cream or white lamps). Tables should be lengthened, dressed in tablecloths to the floor. “

So you decide if you let go or the psychedelic sixties classic!

In this case, flowers are your allies, dispose of them anywhere, in any corner, but are simple flowers. You can even ask your guests to use in their attire and of course you and the groom.

Another idea is to use only psychedelic designs or flowers (typical of these years) in the tablecloth or napkins. If you do it in a closed room may want to cover some walls with these designs.

Some extra details for your wedding 60’s

They are just small details that will give your wedding chic and unique that you were looking for.Your guests can particle ties, sunglasses, pins or hats psychedelic and colorful flowers to the flap.

“The car of the couple can go d ROM a Cadillac or a Lincoln Pontiac to the time. If convertible best: the tradition was reached with the covered wagon and left the church without a roof. “

Maybe even provoke you arrive or leave in a car color, very sixties.

And how to forget about the cake? Just a few flowers, so you have also the retro style you wanted.

And of course, do not forget to include some songs from the 60’s at some point in the celebration. On this, our wedding planner tells us:

“This decade has brought the best music. Issues can not miss the Beatles, Aretha Franklin and The Temptations. A beautiful song for the couple’s income is “I’ve got you babe” Sony and Cher.”

Have fun!

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