Sexy Bridal Lingerie:For your eyes only

If you take months looking for a wedding dress that is perfect for you, trying on bridal shoes and preparing everything related to the wedding, do not you think your underwear is also worth your attention? You’ll have to spend all day, many hours, with the same clothes on, so it should look nice woven garments, that breathe and adapt to your body and, of course, you are able to promote and enhance your charms. In BodaRossa we speak now of lingerie for brides spend a night of magic.

Moreover, the wedding night is, par excellence, the moment of seduction.You can find lingerie sets that are varied, ranging from the simple to the pure seduction. The trends are not moving well only in the lace or colors like white and black, but now we can find different designs (which can use beyond the wedding night) and even with different colors and patterns.

Lingerie for wedding night:

  • The Bridal lingerie is usually always have parts and irresistible designs of all prices and styles, both classic bra and panties as other more daring with corsets, bustiers, garters and thongs.
  • The league is not the most comfortable garment, but it is undeniably one of the sexiest clothes. If you want to be totally irresistible and seductive once you take off the wedding dress, choose a corset with garter set, and surprise your partner on your first night as husband and wife.

Lingerie for brides most classic:

  • If you’re a classic bride, choose light colors like whites, champagnes and bones. And if you want something romantic and daring, opt for alight pink or a blue suit.
  • As for the details, perhaps the most traditional lace is that you are able to find and indeed companies like La Perla , for example, are specialists in this type of assembly, a delight to brides.
  • But: beware the fabric when choosing a bridal set deliverance because depending on how your dress, if you have lace or other deformations can be noted in the suit, and do not forget, before the big day, try on the dress with undergarments you will take r, to avoid unpleasant surprises.
  • Another idea is to bring a simple lingerie under the wedding dress, and that at the time to be with your husband on the wedding night will change and you wear your chosen lingerie.

Lingerie for brides “bold”:

  • Those brides that you may be more “daring” or ye will really surprise your husbands in a special evening, you can choose to set it in addition to lace, may have the odd details like transparencies.
  • Also you can choose colors that are outside the black sensual life-or actually have this color combined with others.
  • You can also choose to take and actually prints are hot for any bride, beyond that you can wear on your wedding day. Among all these prints highlights how not to “animal print”.

Lingerie for modern brides:

  • Aside from lace lingerie, colors or prints that are sensual, those brides who want to surprise their husbands really can opt for other ideas that are out of the classical or the sexy and more notably for its originality.
  • What think you choose a gown that you see how this top with nothing underneath (incidentally of Victoria’s Secret)? Not lingerie but it is an element that you will love to you please bring a modern touch to the wedding night.

I leave gallery of bridal lingerie:

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