Elie Saab Couture Dresess for autumn-winter 2012-2013

alta costura de elie saab para otono invierno 2012 2013 Alta costura de Elie Saab para otoño invierno 2012 2013
Elie Saab has become to make it clear why his designs are preferred for celebrities to parade down the red carpet at the most important events of show. Her latest collection has been an incredible display of elegant proposals, premium materials, feminine shapes, vaporous and ethereal dresses with volume and some decorative details that make Elie Saab dresses into a work of art.

The romantic city of Paris was the place chosen by the renowned Lebanese fashion designer to present her splendid garments. A parade has again surprised us with its distinctive black lace dresses and jewels, which also has room for delicate nude colors like pink, salmon, champagne, or my favorite of all, an intense and very flattering blue almost green flashes.

A wonderful catalog of prom dresses that have been well received among the fervent admirers of Lebanese fashion designer. These elegant dresses fit our silhouette with metallic belts, where you’ll also find skirts flying, with infinity to wear leg opening, pencil skirts and vintage-inspired trends as the peplum (hip-hand drive) …

Want to discover the pieces of the collection and judge for yourself? Well do not forget to click on the image gallery we have prepared exclusively for you. A summary of the best looks that have starred the Elie Saab fashion show and are only available to a lucky few.

How about Lebanese designer dresses? An absolutely magical collection, where it is virtually impossible to pick one dress with such a variety of fabrics, colors, designs and materials of the highest quality.

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